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Voter outreach materials

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State offers a range of nonpartisan voter education materials for use in community outreach. Download and print the items below, or include on websites, social media and email. Many items are available for online ordering and shipping at no cost.

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Voter registration applications

Download and print copies for a voter registration drive or other outreach effort.

The pre-registration deadline is 21 days before Election Day, please instruct voters how to register on Election Day.

Absentee ballot applications

Download and print copies for voters who want to vote by mail. Any voter in Minnesota can vote early by absentee ballot, regardless of whether they will be home on Election Day.


Download and print these factsheets (5.5” x 8.5”), or use on websites, social media and email.

Precinct caucuses

How to Vote

New Voters

Election Day Registration

Vote Early by Absentee Ballot

Know Your Rights

Time Off Work to Vote

Voter Assistance

Military and Overseas Voters

College Students

Voting with a Criminal Record

Primary Election

Students Abroad

voters Experiencing homelessness


Order additional materials

To order voter outreach materials please contact melanie.hazelip@state.mn.us






Outreach Toolkit

2023 has many local and municipal elections! The Secretary of State's office encourages every eligible Minnesotan to get registered and go vote!

The Secretary of State is also asking for Minnesotans to step up and become poll workers. It takes around 30,000 poll workers (sometimes called election judges) to put on an Election in Minnesota. Serving as an election judge is a great way to get to know our democracy up close and contribute to your community — plus, you get paid! 

Below, find a variety of nonpartisan materials for spreading the word about elections in 2023 via social media, email, or in person.

For the last 3 out of 4 years, Minnesota was #1 in the nation in voter turnout! Thanks for doing your part, with these materials, to help us stay at the top.

Please customize these messages to suit your situation, and share as frequently and widely as possible! Download, copy, share, print, and distribute.   

Key Dates for 2023

Ongoing: Request your absentee ballot for the primary and general elections

Ongoing: Sign up to be a poll worker for election day in 2023

March 14: Township Elections

June 23: Vote by mail or in person for the Primary through August 7

July 18: Register in advance by this date to save time on Primary Day

August 8: Primary Election Day

September 19: National Voter Registration Day

September 22: Beginning of early voting with absentee ballots for the November 7 general election 

October 17: Register in advance by this date to save time on Election Day

November 7: Election Day

Social Media Graphics

Your vote, your voice. mnvotes.gov/register

Your Vote, Your Voice - Wide


mnvotes.gov - SQ
mnvotes.gov - Wide

Did you know? In Minnesota, you have the right to vote if you are in line before 8 p.m. mnvotes.gov

Line before 8 p.m. - SQ
Line before 8 p.m. - Wide

Did you know? In Minnesota, you have the right to bring your children with you to vote. mnvotes.gov

Kids at polling places - SQ
Kids at polling places - Wide

Did you know? In Minnesota, you have the right to take time off work to vote without losing your pay, personal leave, or vacation time.

Time to vote - SQ
Time to vote - Wide