Minnesota Secretary Of State - How Elections Work
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Learn about how elections work in Minnesota

Election Facts describes how Minnesota maintains secure, accurate, and fair elections.

Nominating a candidate

Ever wonder how candidates get on the ballot in the first place? Or how political parties decide who will represent them as their candidate?

Secure and fair elections

Learn about why we have confidence in the results of our elections, what Minnesota is doing to improve elections cybersecurity, and other measures to ensure secure and fair elections.

About the ballot

Learn about different kinds of ballot questions, or how they decide the order of names and offices on the ballot.

Filing for office

To learn how to file for office, visit the Become a Candidate in the Elections Administration and Campaigns section.

Voting process

Learn more about parts of the voting process.

Choosing a president

Learn about our unique system for selecting the President.

Checking votes

Who checks to make sure the count is accurate? How does a recount work?

Recalling an elected official

Find out when and how voters can recall an elected representative.

Who's in charge?

Who actually runs elections? Learn the difference between state, county and local roles in running elections.

Need help?

Call us at 1-877-600-VOTE (8683) or contact your county election office.