Minnesota Secretary Of State - Privacy notice for voter registration applications
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Privacy notice for voter registration applications

Your exact date of birth, email address, and any ID number you give (Minnesota driver’s license, state ID or last four digits of Social Security number) are private. Only election officials and other authorized government agencies may access this information.

Election officials use your exact date of birth and ID number to confirm your identity with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety or Social Security Administration. If you have an ID number but refuse to give it, your application may be incomplete and you may have to apply again or show proof of residence before you can vote.

Election officials ask for your email so they can contact you about your application. Also, the Office of the Secretary of State may email you (or contact you another way) about voting and elections, or ask for public input about voting and elections. If you refuse to give an email address, you cannot register to vote online and you will need to apply with a paper application.

The rest of the data on your application is public when used for elections, political, law enforcement or jury selection purposes. If you need to keep your contact data private because of personal safety concerns, call 1-877-600-8683.