Minnesota Secretary Of State - How to register trademarks and service marks
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How to register trademarks and service marks

Trademarks and service marks are visual symbols of your business. Registering your trademark or service mark with our office DOES NOT copyright your mark, it only registers it to ensure it is officially recognized with the state of Minnesota. Trademark registrations are only accepted by mail or in-person at our public counter.

For information on Federal Trademark and Patent registration, you may contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
For information on Copyright registration, you may contact the United States Copyright Office.

How to register your trademark or service mark: Trademark Application pdf form can be found here.

  1. Submit one specimen or facsimile of the mark as you have actually used it in commerce. Copies are acceptable. A typewritten statement of the mark would not be acceptable, since it would not have been in use with the public. Acceptable examples are:
    •    business card
    •    letterhead
    •    clipping from an advertisement
    •    label
    •    picture or copies of such materials
  2. State the words or phrase to be registered, if any. The words or phrase must be listed exactly as it appears on the specimens submitted with this application. A separate application is needed for each phrase to be registered.
  3.  Provide a written description of the logo design to be registered, if any. This description must depict the design as it appears on the accompanying specimen. Only one logo design is permitted per application. If none, leave blank.  Note: Stylized letters are not a logo design and should not be included in the written description.
  4. Indicate the classification number under which this mark falls. Go here for a list of the international system of trade and service mark classifications. A separate application and fee is required for each classification in which you wish to register a mark.
  5. State the SPECIFIC goods or services represented by the mark. The goods or services should be specific to the classification. DO NOT use indefinite terms, such as “accessories”, “products,” or the like. Use language that would be readily understandable to the general public. For example, “t-shirts” or “dry cleaning services”. The identification of goods or services must NOT describe the mode of use of the mark, such as on labels, stationery, business cards, menus, signs or in advertising. If the applicant identifies the goods or services too broadly as, for example, “advertising and business,” or just “products,” or “services,” the application will be returned.
  6. State the way the mark appears on the goods or services, i.e., “on containers,” “on tags or labels affixed to the goods”, “by stamping it on the goods”.
  7. List the date the mark was first used in Minnesota. In order to register a mark in Minnesota, it must have been used commercially prior to registration.  If it has not yet been used in Minnesota, you cannot register the mark with this office.
  8. State the name and complete address of the applicant. If the applicant is an organization, list the home jurisdiction and the principal place of business in the home jurisdiction.

  9. At least one signature of a markholder is required or an Authorized Agent. (If an Authorized Agent is signing the document, the signing party must indicate on the document that they are acting as the agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required and that they have been authorized to sign on behalf of that person(s).) Include the date, printed name of the person signing, and the title of the signer.

Email Address for Official Notices
This email address may be used to send annual renewal reminders and other important notices that may require action or response. Check the box if you wish to have your email address excluded from requests for bulk data, to the extent allowed by Minnesota law.
List a name and daytime telephone number of a person who can be contacted about this form.
Filing Fee: $70 for expedited service in-person and online filings, $50 if submitted by mail Payable to the MN Secretary of State
Please submit all items together. and You may mail or submit in-person to the Business Service Address below:
Minnesota Secretary of State
First National Bank Building
332 Minnesota Street, Suite N201
Saint Paul, MN 55101