Minnesota Secretary Of State - How to Purchase a Debtor Name Look-up Subscription
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How to Purchase a Debtor Name Look-up Subscription

To purchase a UCC or Tax Lien Debtor Name Look-up subscription, you will need to create an online account, or, if you already have an account with Minnesota Business and Liens, you can just login.  (Go here for instructions on how to create an account)  

Each subscription purchase consists of 25 Names ($10 for each search). Multiple subscriptions may be purchased at one time to meet your organization’s needs.

Name Look‐Ups are real‐time name look ups conducted in the Minnesota Business & Lien System (MBLS).  This functionality is available as a means for finding liens that may not come up when using the stricter standard search logic. Copies of specified lien records can be ordered from the Debtor Name Search Results Screen for an additional $3.00 fee per record.  If you already know the filing number for a lien, you can skip using the Debtor Name Search Look-up option, and conduct a free File Number Search to order the copies.    

Returns are on active liens unless an indication is made to include one year of lapsed. The results will display 10 liens per page and a display of lien filing details is available for those 10 liens on that page. Pagination is used to navigate to the next set of 10 for display, the next 10 and so on.    The results are printable.  Lien “Master Details” that summarize the lien are expanded on the results.

To review the search logic used for each debtor name look-up subscription type click here.

Follow the steps below to purchase UCC or Tax Lien Debtor Name Look-up Subscription:

  1. Go to Subscriptions: Once your account is created, click on the Subscriptions menu option.

  2. Select Subscription Option: You have two subscription options to select from, a UCC Debtor Name Look-up, or a Tax Lien Debtor Name Look-up. 

  3. Fill out the delivery information. This is the email you would like the email payment confirmation and notification that they order has been processed sent to.

  4. Click Submit to complete the order.

  5. Record Your Order Number: Write down or print out the Order Number listed on the Order Confirmation page. This can be used by our office to locate the Order should there be any issues. 

  6. Click on "Continue to Make Payment" button: this link will take you to US Bank's web site to pay for your subscription.

  7. Choose "Pay without Registering": On the US Bank page, you will be given the option to set up an online account with their e-services website. This login is not connected to a US Bank account or our online account. You can also click on the “Pay Without Registering” option to bypass the login.

  8. Complete payment process: the US Bank site will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

  9. Check for Two Emails: Once the payment is completed you will receive two emails. The first email will be a payment confirmation email from US Bank. The second email will be a notification from our office when the order has been processed.

You are now ready to login to the Minnesota Business & Lien System to conduct a Debtor Name Look- up for the subscription type you purchased.