Minnesota Secretary Of State - How to File a UCC Amendment Financing Statement
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How to File a UCC Amendment Financing Statement

Before you begin, please read the important information in the 4 bullets listed below:


Step 1: Create an online account with us and login. Here you can find more information about creating an online account.

Step 2: Login to the Business & Liens System using your email and password that you set up.

To navigate back and forth between the data entry screens, use the Previous Tab on the bottom of the screen, do not use the back button in the browser.

Step 3: Click on the Financing Statements or Amendments option under the UCC / Tax Liens column.

Click on the File Number Tab and enter the Filing Number for the record you want to amend and click on Search. The search result will display the debtors, secured parties and filing history information related to the filing number entered.

Step 4:   Click on the File Amendment Tab and select the amendment from the list of available amendment options:


Collateral Add, Collateral Delete, Collateral Restate


Debtor Name Add, Debtor Name Change, Debtor Name Delete

Secured Party Add, Secured Party Change, Secured Party Delete


Step 5:  Enter the information requested on the screen for your amendment type.

Click on the Next Tab to proceed.

Step 6:  On the Delivery Information Screen, verify the email address and update as necessary as this is where the documents/orders will be sent electronically to.

Step 7:  On the Add Client Reference Screen, you have the option to enter information for the filing that will show up in your Transaction History.  All filings are kept in your Transaction History for 90 days. The Transaction History is accessible by signing into your online account on our website and then clicking on Transaction History. Once you’re on the History page you can click on the order number on the right and it will give you an option to download the filing. 

Step 8:  On the Add an Email for Official Notices Screen, you have the option of adding an email for the Office of the Secretary of State to send official notices that may require action or a response to. In addition, this email will be used to notify you of all changes made to this filing. You can also indicate if you want your email address included or excluded from requests for bulk data.  Our system does default to excluded. 

Step 9: On the UCC Amendment Review page you will have a chance to review the filing at the end of the process. After you’ve reviewed the filing you can click “Submit”. You will then receive an Order Number specific to your filing. Record the Order Number before continuing.

Click on the “Continue to Make Payment” button.

Step 10: Once on the US Bank page you will have the option to either set up an e-service account with US Bank or you can pay without registering. THIS IS A DIFFERENT LOGIN than the one you used for registering used to set up the online account on our website. You can by-pass the US Bank e-services registration process by clicking "pay without registering".

Step 11: After you’ve completed the payment you will receive a confirmation page along with a payment confirmation number. Print out the confirmation page or record the Confirmation Number. You will receive an email from our office when the filing is processed as well as an email for the payment from US Bank.

Step 12: When you receive the email from our office that the filing has been processed you can open the email and there will be a link that you can click on that will take you to our website where you can download a copy of the filing.