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UCC Data Available for Purchase

The Minnesota statewide UCC database is available for purchase. This database contains all financing statements and tax liens filed with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.  A request form for the initial dataset will be needed with a signed license agreement and fee.

The Lien Bulk Order Implementation Guide provides details regarding the online data fulfillment service related to the UCC and Tax Liens subscriptions.


Secured Parties

You may also purchase a secured party name search statewide by completing a Secured Party List Request Form and submitting with the applicable fee.



UCC and Tax Liens

Electronic Media


UCC Financing Statements Initial Dataset



Tax Lien Statements Initial Dataset



UCC Data - 3 Month Subscription (Weekly Fulfillment)



Tax Lien Data - 3 Month Subscription (Weekly Fulfillment)



UCC Images - 3 Month Subscription (Weekly Fulfillment)



Secured Party List