Minnesota Secretary Of State - Congressional Maps
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Congressional Maps

Download those maps, or larger, more detailed maps, by using the links in the table below. These maps are free for download, use and reproduction.  To order paper copies of these maps, use the Map Order Form.

To find precinct, district, or polling place information for a particular address, use the Polling Place Finder.

Statewide map of all congressional and legislative districts

Metro area map of congressional and legislative districts

Statewide map of all congressional and legislative districts (11" x 17")

Congressional District Detailed Maps Letter Size Maps
District 1 (southern Minnesota) C.D. 1 (3.7M pdf) C.D. 1 - Letter (pdf)
District 2 (south Metro, southeast Minnesota) C.D. 2 (4.9M pdf) C.D. 2 - Letter (pdf)
District 3 (greater Hennepin County) C.D. 3 (5.6M pdf) C.D. 3 - Letter (pdf)
District 4 (Ramsey County and suburbs) C.D. 4 (2.9M pdf) C.D. 4 - Letter (pdf)
District 5 (Minneapolis and suburbs) C.D. 5 (3.4M pdf) C.D. 5 - Letter (pdf)
District 6 (north & west Metro, St Cloud area) C.D. 6 (5.8M pdf) C.D. 6 - Letter (pdf)
District 7 (western Minnesota) C.D. 7 (6.6M pdf) C.D. 7 - Letter (pdf)
District 8 (northeastern Minnesota) C.D. 8 (4.7M pdf) C.D. 8 - Letter (pdf)

About the maps:

  • Detailed Maps are sized to print 36" x 48", and show congressional and legislative districts, counties, municipalities, highways and roads
  • Letter Size Maps: are sized to print 8.5" x 11", include congressional districts, counties, and some municipalities