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Password and Account Help

Are you having trouble logging in to your notary account? Here are some common issues:

Issue #1: Thought you created an account, but it won’t let you sign in.

This may mean you never confirmed your email address.  After you enter your commission number and password and hit the "submit" button, you still need to go to your email and look for an email from business.services@state.mn.us.

When you receive this email, you will need to click on the link within that email and it will bring you to the Notary & Apostille site where you will complete the registration by entering your commission number and password to confirm your email. Once your email is confirmed, you can Sign In to your notary account page.

If you did not confirm your email within 24 hours, you will need to start over and use the create account screen to enter your commission number and password.

Issue #2: Forgot your password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on Sign In.

Click on the ‘Forgot your password’ link. 

Enter your email address and hit the ‘Request Password Reset’ button.

Wait for the confirmation email from business.services@state.mn.us.

If you do not receive an email, it may indicate you have not created an online account, did not complete the account creation process, or have a valid email address. Go here to create a new account.

Issue #3: When trying to create an account, you receive the message ‘Email address is unavailable’

This indicates that your email address is already in our system. You (or someone else using your email address) has already created an account. If you don't remember or don't know the password for this account, you will need to reset your password using the instructions above.

Issue #4: If you receive the message ‘Email address or password is invalid’

Try typing your email address and password in again. Did you remember the @ symbol? Your email address has to have an @ symbol and has to have a suffix like .com, .org .net, etc. If the error message continues to display, you can try creating a new online account.

If you do not have an email address or have an invalid email address on record, you will not be able to reset your notary account password online.

To update your email address, or any other information in your notary commission record, you will need to complete the Notary Application and submit the changes by mail.