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Veterans Tributes R - U

In honor of Ensign Francis Rabbers, Navy - Served in World War II

Hometown: Richland, Michigan (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jan Rabbers)

Mom served her country as a Navy nurse. At 91 years old, and in frail health, we are all taking each day at a time right now. But it is upon her shoulders I metaphorically stand for everything she taught and fought for. My vote is her legacy.

In honor of Lance Corporal Michael Rabbers, Marine Corps - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Richland, Michigan (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jan Rabbers)

Michael is my brother and while he was marching in the jungle with an M-16 in his hand, I was marching on Lansing with flowers in my hand. Today, we both understand we loved our country in different ways and there is no question of our admiration and love for each other. Our hearts are united as he wages another battle against cancer that may be related to his time "in country. "My vote is dedicated to making sure he gets the health care he deserves.

In honor of Jim Rasmussen, Navy

Hometown: Grand Rapids (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Katie Cullinan (Karkela))

This tribute goes to my grandfather, James Rassmussen. James was a strong believer in serving his country and the principles of democracy. He was active in many things including his community and politics and is missed by all in his family including his wife Bernadine Rassmussen. My family and I appreciate his service and furthermore we appreciate all those who serve in the military so that we may all be able to live in a free country.

In honor of Staff Sergeant Harry Rasmusson, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Nevada, Iowa (Submitted September 25, 2008 by Linda Saveraid)

According to his comrades, Harry Rasmusson was a good, good man and a good, good soldier. He passed away July 13, 2008. We miss him and welcome the chance to honor his service.

In honor of Jerry Rau, Army Served in Vietnam

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Harry Pontiff)

This is a person who has suffered unimaginably because of experiences in the Vietnam War. Yet he has continually given back endlessly and graciously to the community through his powerful and elegant music.

In honor of Duane Reese, Army National Guard

(Submitted October 3, 2008 by Travis Reese)

My father was a 21 year veteran when he passed away in 2003. He was never asked to fight in a war, but I know he would have done so bravely. He was a true patriot and I am proud to vote in his honor.

In honor of Sergeant Thomas (Tom) Reese, Army National Guard- Served in the Iraq War

Hometown: La Crosse, WI (Submitted October 12, 2010 by Allen Reese)

Tom served in Iraq for a year with the Wisconsin Army National Guard as an Army Medic returning just a few months ago. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather who served as a Medic in the Army/Airforce during World War II and his father who served in the Gulf War also as an Army Medic and who retired from the Army after 21 years of active service. Tom now attends college at Wisconsin Tech and continues to serve in the Army National Guard. Like so many other young Americans Tom felt it his patriot duty to serve his country and is proud to now be a Veteran of our Armed Forces. While he does not have any kids of his own yet (girls he's available) I'm sure his children will hear the call-to-serve that he and those before him have. We are very proud of him!

In honor of William Reyes, Marine Corps

Hometown: Edina (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Christine Reyes)

I wanted to thank my husband and his fellow service members for their courage and leadership. No matter what, your family and friends support you!

In honor of Major Robert Riesgraf, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Carver (Submitted October 20, 2008 by Mary Johnson)

I told Dad I was going to Vote In honor of a Veteran - him. He said "Thanks. You made my day." Interesting. I made his day. His 22 years military service sustained my free, bountiful American life. I have great pride and admiration for my Dad who has modeled a life of God and Country first. Thanks Dad. I love you as a veteran and as my father. MaryKJ

In honor of Major Robert R. Riesgraf, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Carver/Forest Lake, MN (Submitted October 20, 2008 by Kristen E. Delano)

Robert R. Riesgraf, I am proud to say, is my father. He lives his life as a proud Veteran. Robert has been involved with the VFW and American Legion, participating in activities, including walking in parades. He displays the American flag proudly and even gave each of his five children a flag (flown over the state capital) for Christmas one year. We celebrate freedom today because of all the brave and honorable military personnel. Sincere thanks to all and especially my Dad.

In honor of Leonard Riley, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Denison, Texas (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Cindy Fredrickson)

Leonard Riley is one of the bravest people I know. He served in WWII as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne. He jumped behind enemy lines into Normandy. He had many narrow escapes. Some he speaks of, others he never mentions. He has shared some war stories with his two grandsons, who are now the same ages he was when he enlisted and when he left the military after the War was over. It is hard for him to realize that these boys, who mean so much to him, could be in the same situation that he was in with just a slight change in circumstance. He was young and invincible and feared nothing then. But, now he can spend time worrying about his grandson's everyday travels and activities. Time has changed his perspective on many things. One thing that is very clear to my family is that we are extremely proud of his service, his continuing dedication to honoring his flag and country and his certainty in that he did the right thing at that particular time.

In honor of Alfred Ritchie, US Marine Corps - Served in World War II

(Submitted August 21, 2008 by Mark Ritchie)

Fresh out of high school, where he was a Marine cadet, my father enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and headed off to defend our nation. He served from 1943 to 1946, primarily in the Pacific theatre including time in China. It was this military service that gave him a vision of the world that inspired and guided his life of community service. My vote this year will be In honor of this proud marine and life-long public servant: Alfred Ernest Ritchie.

In honor of Captain Edward Rohricht, Marine Corps - Served in World War II

Hometown: St Paul (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Bob Rohricht)

Ed gave his life for our freedom. He was shot down on a raid over Japan.

In honor of E-4 Ricardo Romero, Army National Guard - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Edgardo Romero)

To my beloved son Ricky who served with bravery in the Iraq war defending our nation's freedom. We love you much!

In honor of Ricardo Romero, Army National Guard - Served in Iraqi Freedom

Hometown: Robbinsdale (Submitted September 28, 2008 by Chris & Sara Cape)

To our brother-in-law Ricky, who courageously and selflessly served our country in the war with Iraq. We thank you for your service and for defending our country. You're the best!

In honor of Ricardo Romero, Army National Guard - Serving in Iraq

(Submitted October 20, 2008 by Deb Spotts)

Thank you Ricky for fighting to keep America safe.

In honor of Corporal Sidney Ronningen, US Army Air Corps - Served in World War II

Hometown: Zumbrota, MN (Submitted August 22, 2008 by Barbara J. Ronningen)

My dad enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor. He served in New Guinea as a mechanic in the Army Air Corps. He also developed a washing machine using barrels and a Jeep transmission. Those washing machines saved many GIs from jungle rot which was a huge problem in that climate. My dad (at age 88) displays WWII artifacts for schools. historical societies and even fundraisers; making sure that this generation knows about what his generation did in WWII. He has also worked to erect a memorial to 43 men from his unit (27th Air Depot Group) who died in a plane crash in Australia but have never been honored.

In honor of Lt. Col. Shane L. Rossow, Marine Corps - Served in Iraq (three tours, last March 2007)

Hometown: Mankato, Minnesota (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Mavis B. Saxton)

Lt. Col. Shane L. Rossow was wounded during his first tour in Iraq; received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star; wounded while training Iraqi military. His second tour was to determine needs and the last serving in AnBar Province working with various group chiefs. He will continue his duties at Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma.

In honor of Thomas Rostomo - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Dan Rowles)

Tommy threw a fastball no one could hit.

In honor of Steven Rouleau, Army - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Wuori Township (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Cathy Rouleau)

To understand the importance of serving for our country, Steve strived to be the very best of his unit from day 1 until the fulfillment of his duty from the Army National Guard. Earning soldier of the week, month, and year was an honor.

In honor of Herbert Russ, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Fairmont, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Bonnie Russ)

I am very proud to vote In honor of my father who raised four children who are all registered voters and never miss an election. As a very young man he fought for our nation and free people everywhere. He taught us that education was very important. He taught us to be proud and honest and always do the right thing. He is nearing 85 years old now and still is a very active volunteer in the community and he and my mother June Russ are active in the Fairmont VFW. We are so proud of them both.

In honor of SN Delor Saba, Navy - Served in WWII

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted October 6, 2010 by Roger Saba)

I write this tribute to my father, Delor John Saba 1925-2003. He was proud to be a decorated WWII veteran serving in the US Navy. We are all grateful for his courage and bravery. It was with honor, courage and sense of devotion that he served and protected our rights and freedoms. With this comes the obligation to be involved and the perseverance of our right to vote.
Thanks Dad, you were the first of a tradition. Also having served in the US Navy I am honored to cast my vote in your memory and watch as your grandson continues what you started. God Bless the USA!

In honor of FN Kyle Saba, Navy - Served in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted October 6, 2010 by Roger Saba)

Kyle your service makes the family so proud. You may not realize it yet but your dedication and service on our behalf creates in us a desire to vote, be involved and pay attention. God Bless son!

In honor of Senior Airman Joshua Salsbury, Air Force - Served in Iraq

Hometown: South St Paul (Submitted October 31, 2008 by David Salsbury)


In honor of Joshua Salsbury, Air Force - Served in the Iraq War

Hometown: South Saint Paul (Submitted March 7, 2009 by Grace O'Donnell)

I Honor my Brother Joshua for serving in The United States Air Force and serving a tour in Iraq. I am so proud of him and very proud to not only call him my brother but my best friend. Thank God for men like him.

In honor of Matthew Sampers, Air Force - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: Burnsville, MN (Submitted September 8, 2008 by Rebecca Sterner)

Matt is serving at the Balad Air Force Base in Iraq. His grandfather and uncles are veterans and his cousin is also serving in the Air Force.

In honor of Elmer Sandbeck, Army - Served in World War I

Hometown: Duluth (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Terry Lake)

My grandfather served in France during the war, and was gassed. Amazing how this was the first war that had airplanes, real machine guns, and the trenches. All veterans should be honored, no matter when they served.

In honor of Lt. John Sandstrom, Navy - Served in World War II

Hometown: Rockford, IL (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Lars Sandstrom)

My dad served as a lieutenant on two destroyers, the USS Bristol and the USS Kendrick. His ship provided battleship escort in the Mediterranean Sea during WW II, primarily off the coast of Italy and Africa. He continued his service to our country by serving on the Rockford, Illinois draft board during the Vietnam War era.

In honor of McLain Sandstrom, US Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted September 29, 2008 by Diane Collis)

My Dad served in WWII. Has shared many memories and photos. We are proud to have a Father who served his country and is still sharing his life with us.

In honor of Dennis Scheel, US Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted November 5, 2008 by Denise Smisek)

Bonnie was just a little girl when you left to war. She didn't understand, she just missed her Daddy, Dan, Rod and I were still twinkles in your eye. As adults we now understand that you went to fight for freedom and to keep our country safe. We were so proud when recently you received the Bronze Star and other medals from your tour of duty. What is really awesome is all 50 states THANKED YOU too and we love you.

In honor of Leon Schnobrich - Served in Korea

(Submitted October 3, 2008 by Hannah Schnobrich)

My grandfather, Leon Schnobrich, served in the Korean War. I've never been able to tell him in person how proud I am to be his granddaughter. So, this one's for him.

In honor of Leon Schnobrich, Army - Served in the Korean War

Hometown: Springfield (Submitted November 3, 2010 by Vicki Carey)

My dad, Leon Schnobrich, was a gunner on the front lines in Korea. He was proud to serve his country and had fond memories of the soldiers, many of whom gave their lives there. Dad, I honor you and thank you for your faithful service to our country.

In honor of Donald Schrader, US Army - Served in the Korean War

(Submitted November 11, 2008 by Denise Anderson)

Today, Nov. 11th is my father's birthday - he will be 81. Dad just recently gave me his original tin covered Bible that he was issued in 1951 as he entered the Korean War. He carried it with him and speaks of stories where it saved soldiers’ lives by taking bullets meant for them. I now carry it with pride as a reminder of the many sacrifices and extreme courage that all our Veterans must give for our country to remain free. In appreciation and gratitude, thank you Vets and thank you Dad. I love you.

In honor of Clare Schram, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Detroit Lakes (Submitted October 21, 2008 by Renee Specht)

My father was very proud to serve his country in World War II. He served as a Medic and helped save the lives of many servicemen.

In honor of Clare J. Schram, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: St. Paul (Submitted December 31, 2008 by Valery J. Schram Heisserer)

Growing up my dad always instilled upon us pride of our country, respect for the American flag. . . to this day I too, feel great pride in our country. God Bless America & all that serve!!!

In honor of Arnold Servaty, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota (Submitted October 21, 2008 by Suzanne Bowman)

Love you Dad and miss you! I know how much voting meant to you and I am honoring you.

In honor of Bob Skillings, Sr., Marine Corps, Served in World War II

Hometown: Ghent, MN (Submitted September 8, 2008 by Bob Skillings, Jr.)

Dad you inspired my interest in public service through your community building efforts. May our new leaders move us ALL forward towards peace, good health, and prosperity.

In honor of Frank Skweres, Marine Corps - Served in World War II

Hometown: St. Paul (Submitted March 2, 2010 by Mike Skweres)

For his service in the South Pacific - Iwo Jima, Saipan, Guadalcanal.

In honor of Alex Sidles, Marine Corps - Serving in Iraq

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Kathy Sidles)

With my vote I am honoring my nephew. He is serving our country, for the best of reasons, in Iraq. He has experience and talent working with people of different cultures. He is able to tolerate physical and mental adversity to achieve his goals. He cares that people other than himself are able to pursue a good and free life. He cares so much he has been willing to put himself in harms way. Not all of us have this kind of talent and commitment.

In honor of CW3 Richard Sieber, Army National Guard - Served in the Vietnam War and serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hometown: Ramsey, MN (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Jane Sieber)

In honor of my husband of 40 years. I was proud when you served in Vietnam, and am proud of your decision to serve in Iraq.

In honor of Sergeant Richard Sieber II, Army National Guard - Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hometown: St. Francis, MN (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Jane Sieber)

I'm proud of my son.

In honor of Master Chief Dale Simpson, Navy

(Submitted November 4, 2008 by Sharon Simpson)

Dale served in the Navy for 20 years as a Machinist Mate. He served on four different ships, with shore duty in the Great Lakes and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I am so very proud of him!

In honor of SFC Guy Sing, US Army - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: St. James (Submitted October 3, 2008 by Joy Sing)

My tribute is to my son, Guy Sing, currently deployed to Iraq. I am proud of him and all of our troops. We ask a lot of our troops and their families. Other issues have taken over the headlines but please don't forget our troops when you go to vote.

In honor of SFC Guy Sing, US Army - Serving in Iraq - 2nd tour

Hometown: St James, MN (Submitted October 8, 2008 by Larry Unger)

Guy is the son of a friend and I would like to pay tribute to him and all Veterans serving us here in the USA, so that we can go about our business with the freedom of speech, religion and the right to be our own person and have opportunities that few, if any, other nations provide for their citizens. God bless the USA.

In honor of Sgt William Skold Sr, Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Carol Skold Uecker)

For giving me life. And for showing me how to live it. We may not always agree on what direction to go, but honoring the country was never in doubt. I will be voting and flying my flag for you. Dad.

In honor of Anthony Smisek, US Navy - Served in Viet Nam

(Submitted November 5, 2008 by Denise Smisek & Family)

Thank you for signing up and serving your country at such a tender age of 17. The girls and I appreciate the freedoms you and fellow service men and women fought to preserve and protect. We love you!

In honor of Franklin Smith, Navy - Served in World War II

Hometown: Vining, Minnesota (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Kari Hable)

I proudly vote In honor of my father, Franklin Smith, who served on the USS Enterprise during WWII and helped give us this right to vote. I am proud that my country can look past a man or woman's race and sex and vote on the issues, not race or sex. We've waited a long time for this and my father would be proud of this.

In honor of Captain Robert Smith, Air Force - Served in the Vietnam War

Hometown: California (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Elizabeth Smith)

My father missed being home when I was born. I was 30 when I discovered he had been highly decorated while serving in Vietnam (distinguished flying cross & bronze star). I wish I had had that inspiration when I was growing up. The bronze star was actually recommended by the US Army, not his own branch of service. Like many others, his story is a small slice of American history.

In honor of Corporal Warren Smith, Army - Served in Korean Conflict

Hometown: Bird Island, Minnesota (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Sandra Pletcher)

Uncle Warren served in the Korean Conflict on the front lines. I'm very proud of him. He died in the spring of 2008.

In honor of E-6 Staff Sergeant Hershel Sommerville, Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted October 8, 2008 by Diane Zellmer)

I vote In honor of my father, SSG Hershel Somerville, who proudly served in the U. S. Army during WWII. He fought in Germany. His unit also was one that freed prisoners of war from a concentration camp. He received honors, including the Purple Heart. My father was a proud American and flew a flag in his yard until the day he died. He taught us all how lucky and proud we should be to be Americans. I love and miss you!

In honor of SSG Sara Speiker, Army Reserve

Hometown: Prior Lake (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Maria Belden)

In honor of my sister who serves for the country she loves. I am proud of her dedication to defending for the rights of others and her passion to vote herself.

In honor of Staff Sgt Peter Spolarich, Air Force - Serving in Kuwait

Hometown: Eveleth, Minnesota (Submitted October 8, 2008 by George Spolarich)


In honor of E-5 Staff Sergeant Andrew Stein, Air Force - Served in the Iraqi Freedom Expeditionary Force

Hometown: Albert Lea, MN (Submitted September 2, 2008 by Fred Stein)

Andrew is my son. He was a security policeman and dog handler from 1999-2005. He served in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In 2004 he was attached to the Secret Service and he was assigned to approximately 25 missions, along with his bomb sniffing dog, Fendy, to protect the presidential candidates and their families during the Presidential Campaign of 2004. Fendy is a Belgian Malanois. She has gone on to serve two times in Iraq in 2007 and 2008. Fendy was reassigned from Grand Forks AFB North Dakota to a base in the state of Washington. Andrew is currently a police officer for the city of Grand Forks North Dakota. Fendy is an affectionate and playful dog, but when the leash is strapped to the collar, and the appropriate commands are given, she is definitely ready to go to work as a bite dog / bomb sniffing dog.

In honor of Harland Stone, Army- Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Arcadia, WI (Submitted October 20 , 2010 by Dawson Stone,)

Grandpa you are my hero!

In honor of Sergeant First Class James Stowe, - Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hometown: Prairie Village, Kansas (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Susan Stowe)

We are voting because we feel it is our duty to take advantage of this right that so many have served and died for. Especially voting in honor and with extreme pride in our son SFC James Stowe who served in Iraq from 2005 to 2006 and continues to serve in the Kansas National Guard. May God bless all of our service men and women wherever they may serve and may God bless America.

In honor of William Neils Strand (Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class), US Navy - Served in World War II

Hometown: Le Sueur, Minnesota (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Patricia Fenstermaker)

My uncle Bill was lost at sea during the Battle of the Solomons in November, 1942. He was one of three brothers serving in the military & also helping to support three sisters at home, one being my mother, Jeannette Rose Strand. He was one of the reasons I, myself, served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War.

In honor of Urbin Strege, Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Debra Strege)

My father served in World War II. He lives with me now and will turn 93 eight days after this upcoming election. I honor my dad not just because he helped fight against fascism along with others of this greatest generation, but because he taught me to be honest, work hard, remain a vigilant citizen, and to always vote. By action and words, he taught me the lessons learned from the first great Republican Depression of the 1930s and the about our great Democratic hero, Franklin Roosevelt, who saved Democracy for the world. All my life he has had great political foresight. He identified Barack Obama as our next great hope and supported his run for the Presidency long ago. For this and many more reasons, I vote in his honor.

In honor of Lieutenant Josephine Strube, Army- Served in WWII

Hometown: Jackson (Submitted October 28, 2010 by Cathy Buxengard)

Mom, I am so proud of your service to our country. As a nurse in the Army Nurse Corps, you represented comfort and hope for many of our soldiers with devastating wounds. You cared for our soldiers plus those of the enemy who needed your expertise. Our country owes a big debt to you and the members of the ""Greatest Generation"" who saved our country and the world in WWII.

In honor of Corporal Norman Strube, Army- Served in WWII

Hometown: Jackson (Submitted October 28, 2010 by Cathy Buxengard)

Norman was a medic in WWII. He served his country with honor for three years. He was always proud to be a veteran. As a member of the "Greatest Generation" he returned home after the war, and along with other vets, made our community and country what it is today.

In honor of Lt Col Mary Sullivan, Marine Corps

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Mary Sullivan)

Service for the privilege of being a citizen. Honor to all the women who have served their country without recognition, but whose service made a real difference.

In honor of Harry Sundeen, US Army, Served in Vietnam War

Hometown: Anoka (Submitted September 18, 2008 by Jennifer Brown)

My father is an Army Veteran who served in Vietnam. Well over ten years ago he joined the Disabled American Veterans organization and has been very dedicated to helping other Veterans in need and even current active duty personnel. He helps with almost every fundraiser that is held and sometimes multiple hours/days on the same event. A year a half ago, he retired from his job and immediately signed up as a volunteer driver transporting Veterans in need from the community down to the VA Medical Center and Back. My Dad is truly my HERO! Thanks Dad! & Thanks to all who have served our Country.

In honor of Sgt E-5 Harry Sundeen, Army - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Ramsey (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Claudia Sundeen)

My husband served in the United States Army from March 6, 1968 to March 5, 1971. He was in Vietnam for one year of his tour. He retired early from his civilian job 16 months ago. He had to retire because of medical problems he has from fighting for our country. He was wounded while he served in Vietnam. He is a Purple Heart recipient. For many years he would not talk about Vietnam at all because of the way he was treated. He joined the Disabled American Veterans Organization over ten years ago. Since that time he thrives on helping Veterans in any way he can. He is a volunteer driver for Anoka County. He drives Veterans and other people from our community (who cannot drive) to their doctor appointments. His motto is: "Veterans helped me and now it is my turn to help them!" He is my forever hero! We have been married for 40 years now and there isn't one day that goes by that I don't thank God I have him beside me! Thank you Harry for serving our country!!!!!! Thank you also to all Veterans who served our country no matter what your duty was!!!!!

In honor of Alex Svedberg, Army

Hometown: Comfrey, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jane Svedberg-Ballard)

My uncle Alex served our country well. Alex never married and due to learning disabilities always needed some caretaking. He spent many holidays with our family and was a fine example to emulate. He truly enjoyed people, and we loved being with him and learning about his life. We loved him dearly.

In honor of Harvey Svedberg, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Cannon Falls, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Lauri Svedberg)

My dad, Harvey Svedberg, spent his life serving our county---as a soldier in WWII and as an educator in our public schools. I am grateful for his service to students and to our nation.

In honor of Sgt Harvey Svedberg, Army - Served in World War II and Korea

Hometown: Cannon Falls, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jane Svedberg-Ballard)

My father Harvey Svedberg served in both WW II and the Korean War, a total of over 5 years. He was an honorable, intelligent man. Because of his intelligence and looks (Scandinavian), he was assigned to learn Finnish so he could infiltrate the Soviet Union before they joined the allies. His health suffered from the effects of his dedicated service to the USA, and he passed away at the early age of 74 of complications due to Alzheimer's Disease. The world has lost a great man.

In honor of Private Elmer Svenningsen, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Stamford, CT (Submitted September 3, 2008 by Elsa Svenningsen)

My Father died on Christmas Eve, 1944 in the English Channel when the ship he was on was struck by a Greman U Boat torpedo. My Dad was on a ship called The SS Leopoldville, 763 men lost their Lives. My Father's body was never recovered. I was 11mos Old.

In honor of SPC4 Jacob Swanson, Army - Served in Afghanistan

Hometown: Buffalo (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Kathy Swanson)

I'm voting this year In honor of my son, Jacob Swanson. He volunteered to serve our country knowing that deployment would be in his future. Always my baby, also my hero!Thanks for your service, honey. I love you!

In honor of HN Kay Sweeney (Kleinfelder), Navy

Hometown: Moorhead, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jim Kleinfelder)

My sister served the in the US Navy with honor. She was one of my inspirations to enlist in the Navy myself. My hat is off to her!!!

In honor of Carl Swenson, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Svea, Minnesota (Submitted October 3, 2008 by Connie Kallevig-Munson)

I am honoring my Grandfather's brother, Carl Swenson, who took my Grandfather's draft card and went to war in place of my grandfather, Alvin. Carl felt that since my Grandfather had a wife and a child, it was better for him to go. My vote will honor Carl and his sacrifice for his brother.

In honor of Paul Swenson, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: North Branch (Submitted September 8, 2008 by Michele Rehder)

I pay tribute to my grandfather who was stationed in the Pacific Theatre during Hiroshima/Nagasaki. I'm proud of your service to your country.

In honor of Staff Sergeant Robert Szymaszek, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Meriden, CT (Submitted October 20, 2008 by Michael Messinger)

I'm proudly casting my vote this year In honor of my grandfather, S/Sgt Robert J Szymaszek. "Pa," as my brother and I called him, joined the Army and served as a tank crewman in the 9th Armored Division during World War Two. His Combat Command seized the Remagen Bridge over the Rhine River and his tank was one of the first Allied tanks to enter Germany. He was awarded the Bronze Star during his unit's advance through Germany. He continued his service after the war by becoming a police officer in his hometown. He was one of the most kind hearted, fun, and loving people the world has seen. He passed away in the summer of 2007, but the memory of him, his service, and all we owe to him, lives on.

In honor of Sergeant Tracy T, Army National Guard - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Eagan (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Cathy L)

Tracy is with the 2nd-147 AHB. She served a year in Iraq. We are very proud of her and all the soldiers serving our country. I picked the button up at the National Eagle center in Wabasha, MN.

In honor of Sr. Master Sergeant Bernard Thayer, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Blaine (Submitted August 29, 2008 by Chris Thayer)

Bernard served his country in WWII, "the Big One," as a Master Sergeant with the C Battery of the 243rd Army Armored Field Artillery Battalion under Gen. Patton. Seeing duty in the European Theater in Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne. etc. May He Rest in Eternal Peace. HE LIVED

In honor of Troy Theissen, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Mankato (Submitted October 21, 2008 by Sally Jo Sorensen)

My beloved uncle Troy served in the Pacific theater in World War II. He was a wonderful story teller and I'll never forget his stories about fighting on the Pacific Islands. He also helped organize a plant when he came home. He told me once that "he hadn't fought for his country in order to have management whistle to him on the shop floor like he and other employees were dogs".

In honor of Corporal William Thomas, Marine Corps - Served in World War II

Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Peg Thomas)

This is to my Dad, William, who died when I was 9 years old--he was 37. I don't remember much about him; my mother quickly married because there were 4 girls and no income. That wasn't such a great decision for me. So my dad was always my secret dad. And even after almost everything about him was put away, the things that seemed to come seeping out were photos from the Marines, pictures of China on very tiny sepia photos, Walnuts with thousands of people carved into them, and iron lion bookends. My father was born in Wales, arrived from Wales to Ellis Island at a young age, and died at 37. And so I guess it is fitting that his most documented and memorable years were from when he was in the Marines having adventures and protecting us all. Thanks dad for being valiant.

In honor of Phillip Thompson - Served in World War II

Hometown: Fergus Falls, MN (Submitted August 20, 2010 by Richard Asleson, a nephew)

Phil was a member of the "greatest generation" and served in Europe during World War II. Based in Italy, he flew many combat missions as a waist gunner in a B17. These included bombing missions near Berlin and numerous other places. Over the course of his service, he saw his companions in other planes shot down and lost, had his own plane nearly shot down, and often returned from missions with the plane so damaged it barely flew - one time even having an engine fall off on landing. Fortunately he was never wounded physically but, like all the rest who served, he has had to live and cope with the memories and the horror of it all ever since. Only in recent years has he been able to talk much about it. At the end of each mission they were served coffee and, to Phil, that came to signify the comfort of a safe return. To this day you will rarely find him without a cup of coffee in his hand or close by. We all owe Phil and all the others who served in that war a debt of gratitude for what they did. Except for them, our lives would not be anywhere near what they are today and we owe them all the thanks.

In honor of Jason Timmerman, Army National Guard - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Tracy (Submitted October 20, 2008 by Bob Dalager)

Jason died with two others (Jesse Lhotka and David Day) - all from Charlie Company on February 21, 2005. There is no acceptable excuse to not vote, when men like Jason gave their lives for our country.

In honor of Victor Tobias, Marine Corps - Served in Iraq

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Susan Backe)

Victor, we are truly honored by your valiant efforts to serve our beloved great country. Your willing service and personal sacrifice speaks volumes.

In honor of Lt. JG Tom Uecker, US Navy - Served in the Viet Nam War

Hometown: Meriden, MN (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Carol Uecker)

Service interrupted his life but like so many others of his generation, he did his duty. Your family is proud of you!

In honor of Lt. Colonel Floyd Ursy, Marine Corps

(Submitted September 8, 2008 by Matthew Arthur)

I vote in Floyd Ursy's honor for fighting for our right to vote