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How to Make a Payment

Our online system only accepts electronic payment made by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If you would like to use a debit card, it must have a Visa/MasterCard/Discover logo to work in our system.

NOTE: All orders once submitted are Final. If you need to make payment for your order, you will need to continue to USBank and complete the payment process.

  1. First, complete your order. On the final order screen Order Confirmation page, take note of your order number.

  2. Click “Continue to Make Payment”.

  3. When you click “Continue to Make Payment”, the system will redirect you to USBank to complete electronic payment.

  4. Once on the USBank page you will have the option to set up an e-service account with US Bank. The USBank e-service account will store your credit card information for future transactions.

  5. You can by-pass the USBank e-services registration by clicking "Pay without Registering". This allows you to process a one-time payment with your credit card.

  6. After you complete the USBank payment process, you will receive a payment confirmation number by email from USBank, this will indicate the completion of the order.

  7. View and print your notary commission certificate by clicking on the DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE tab located on your notary account page.

  8. If you have any questions regarding your order and need to contact our office, please provide your order number or payment confirmation number.

              Picture of Electronic Payment System