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Information for Landlords

Landlord Responsibilities and Prohibitions

The landlord or property management for a Safe at Home tenant has a very sensitive piece of information, the participant’s home address. Safe at Home participants need their cooperation and understanding that they have taken proactive steps to keep themselves and people around them safe.

To assist with this effort, a Safe at Home participant will provide their landlord or property management with documentation of their program participation. The documentation will include legal mandates and prohibitions designed to ensure the safety of the participant.

In addition to the requirement that a landlord or property management company send correspondence to a participant at their assigned Safe at Home PO Box address, the landlord or property management company is prohibited from:

  • Disclosing the name and address of a Safe at Home participant tenant unless the disclosure is made to another individual who resides at the same address or unless the adult Safe at Home participant has provided specific written consent for the disclosure. Minn. Stat. §5B.05(d).


  • Displaying the name of a Safe at Home participant tenant anywhere on the premises of their residence even if such a display is required by a local ordinance. Minn. Stat. §5B.10, subd. 1.


  • Releasing the name of a Safe at Home participant tenant to a local government unless it is in response to a specific request by the local government made in connection to an active investigation or inspection relating to an alleged fire code, health code, or local ordinance violation. Stat. §5B.10, subd. 2.



Certificates of Rent Paid

A Safe at Home participant’s name and assigned Safe at Home PO Box address should be indicated on the Certificate of Rent Paid where tenant information is required.