Minnesota Secretary Of State - How to Apply for a Position
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How to Apply for a Position

Find a Position

Go to Open Positions (also available on the menu above). The page will initially show all open positions.

You can filter the list of open positions on the page by entering: 

  • the name of the Position in the first search box
  • the name of the Board, Commission, or Task Force in the second search box
  • the name of the state's Appointing Authority in the third search box

You can also uncheck the "Only show Open Positions" checkbox in the upper left of the page.  This will update the Open Positions page to include positions that are not currently open. 

To get notice when new positions become available, sign up for the monthly email notifications.

Sort the List

The list of positions can be sorted by clicking on the arrow next to each of the column titles. 

  • Publish date refers to the date that the agency let the public know that they have an open position. By law, the Appointing Authority must wait 30 days from the publish date to review applications.
  • Seats will show how many seats are open for this position.

Seats vs. Positions

All Boards and Commissions have "positions" and "seats". Positions are an umbrella term for the person the Board/Commission needs. Sometimes a Board/Commission needs more than one person to fill a position, in which case there are multiple "seats" for one "position." 

When you apply for "position" you apply for all the "seats" within that position. If you are appointed to a position with multiple seats you will be appointed to a specific "seat" with a specific start date and end date for that seat's term.

Learn about the Position

For more information about a position, you can click on the title of the position.  The Position profile page will open. Here you can find the position description, current and past members, applications for that position and a list of all seats for that position.

Learn about the Board, Commission or Task Force

To find more information about what a particular Board, Commission or Task Force does, click on the Board/Commission title.  The Board/Commission profile page will open.  On each profile page you can find the following information about that Board/Commission:

  • Details:  specific information about the Board/Commission including Membership, Compensation, Entity Powers and Duties, Activity Summary, Meeting Information, and Fiscal Information
  • Open Positions:  Lists all the open positions for this Board/Commission
  • Applicants:  Lists all the current applicants for all open positions
  • Pending Appointments:  Lists any seats that have been appointed but have a future start date
  • Direct Appointments:  Lists Direct Appointments which are appointments that are statutorily assigned to a specific individual or role and does not go through the open appointment process. 
  • Current Members:  Lists all positions/seats and the members who currently fill the seat.  It also lists the current member's status and term end date.

Click on the green arrow next to the section header to expand or contract the section.

Create a Account and Profile

When you are ready to apply, click the green "apply" button next to the position name for any position. If you have not applied for a position on this website before, you will be asked to create an account and a profile. You will only have to do this once, no matter how many positions you apply for.


Once you created your account and profile, you can apply by selecting the green "apply" button next to the position name. The application page will open. Here you can fill out the application and upload your cover letter and resume. A cover letter and resume are recommended but not required. 

If you are appointed to this position, you will receive notice from the appointing authority.

If you are not appointed to this position, your application will remain active for one year in case other seats or positions on the agency become available. If one does, you will automatically be considered for the position.

You may apply for as many positions as you like. You do NOT need to make new profiles. If you have logged in to the site, the site will automatically use your profile when you apply to any position.  However, you will be asked to upload a resume and cover letter for each application.

Other ways to Apply

For individuals without online access, the following Word file can be printed and used to apply: Open Appointments Application. Once the form has been completed it can be delivered in person or by mail to:

Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
180 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155-1299

Phone: 651-556-0643

Applicants may also submit a cover letter, resume or other information which might be helpful to the appointing authority. ALL Applications become public information once submitted.

For additional information please email: Open.Appointments@state.mn.us

Requesting an Accommodation

Should you need an accommodation to complete your application or if you require an alternative application format to accommodate a disability, please contact Bibi Black, 651-201-1326, MN Relay Service 711, or bibi.black@state.mn.us.