Minnesota Secretary Of State - 2020 General Election Results
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2020 General Election Results

Votes for U.S. President and Vice President
Candidate Party Total Votes Percent
Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence Republican 1,484,065 45.28%
Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,717,077 52.40%
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente and Darcy Richardson Independence-Alliance 5,611 0.17%
Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker Green Party 10,033 0.31%
Kanye West and Michelle Tidball Independent 7,940 0.24%
Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard Independent 5,651 0.17%
Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier Socialism and Liberation 1,210 0.04%
Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett Socialist Workers Party 643 0.02%
Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy "Spike" Cohen Libertarian Party 34,976 1.07%
WRITE-IN Write-In 9,965 0.30%


Votes for U.S. Senator
Candidate Party Total Votes Percent
Kevin O'Connor Legal Marijuana Now 190,154 5.92%
Oliver Steinberg Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis 57,174 1.78%
Jason Lewis Republican 1,398,145 43.50%
Tina Smith Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,566,522 48.74%
WRITE-IN Write-In 2,261 0.07%

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