Minnesota Secretary Of State - What's On My Ballot?
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What's On My Ballot?

View your sample ballot

  • The sample ballot shows a list of the candidates and ballot questions you'll be voting on.
  • Information is posted about 45 days before an election.
  • A sample ballot is not available for all local elections. You may need to contact the local government (city, town or school district) holding the election.

See who has filed to be a candidate

  • Candidate filing for local offices for which a primary is possible ends on June 2nd.
  • Local offices for which no primary will be held must file for office between July 28 — August 11.

Ballot Questions

Questions that will be on 2020 state general election ballots are compiled in the Questions on 2020 State General Election Ballot document.



What's on the Election Day ballot in 2020?

All voters will have these races on their general election ballot:

  • U.S. President
  • U.S. Senator
  • U.S. Representative
  • State Senator
  • State Representative
  • Judicial seats

Voters may also have one or more of these races on their ballot:

  • County Officials
  • City Officers
  • School Board Members
  • Township Officers
  • Local ballot questions

Need help?

Call us at 1-877-600-VOTE (8683) or contact your county election office.