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Pledge to vote program

Welcome to Pledge-to-Vote 2018, the statewide nonpartisan voter outreach coordinated by the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. The Pledge-to-Vote program is designed to make nonpartisan voter outreach easy and effective for any individual or group of individuals, such as nonprofits, school groups, businesses, food shelves, military family organizations, and human services providers to conduct voter outreach activities in their communities.

Participating partners in the Pledge-to-Vote program will receive a free voter outreach kit from the Secretary of State’s Office and work in a nonpartisan manner to register their communities to vote and encourage registered voters to fill out a Pledge-to-Vote form.

Program overview

The Pledge to Vote program provides everything you need to register eligible voters — and encourage those who are already registered to turn out and vote. 

Our office will send you a voter outreach kit and basic training materials at no cost. Use the voter outreach kit to educate and register voters in your community now through mid-October (pre-registration deadline is October 16). 

There will be two main engagement tools in your kit:

  • Voter registration applications — give voter registration applications to those who are not registered or who need to update their registration record.
  • "I Will Vote" pledge cards — give pledge cards to voters whose registration is current and up-to-date. Voters who fill out a pledge card will get a reminder from our office to vote in November. This encourages those who are already registered to commit to voting.

Promptly return any voter registration applications or pledge cards you collect to the Office of the Secretary of State. Our office will process the applications and pledge cards.

In November, our office will send a postcard or text message to each voter you had complete a registration application or pledge card reminding them to vote.


Training materials

Use the following documents to familiarize your staff and volunteers with the Pledge to Vote Program and with voter registration.

  • Pledge to Vote Program: At-a-Glance — this document explains the program's goals and rules, and what comes with the Voter Outreach Kit.

  • Reference Guide — this document explains how to use your materials (including registration applications and pledge-to-vote-cards), how to return completed forms, and explains the basics of voter registration laws in Minnesota.


Order additional materials

You will receive an initial supply of voter registration applications, pledge cards and educational materials in your Voter Outreach Kit. If you need to order additional materials, visit our online ordering page.



Participant agreement

Any individual or group of individuals who agree to the following conditions may participate:

  • Do not use materials or activities related to this program to support or oppose candidates, political parties or ballot measure questions.

  • Regularly offer voter registration services between the time you receive your outreach kit and mid-October.

  • Ensure that the bulk of your outreach involves in-person interactions with the public, instead of relatively ineffective approaches such as placing registration applications in a lobby corner.

  • Designate a staff point-person. If you have multiple physical locations, have a staff person at each site sign up individually for a kit.

  • Return all completed forms to our office within 10 days of when the voter signs it using the postage-paid envelopes provided in your outreach kit.


Common Questions

What comes with the Voter outreach kit?

The free voter outreach kit includes an initial supply of

  • 250 voter registration applications (also available in 10 other languages)
  • 250 Pledge to Vote cards
  • One roll of 250 ‘I Will Vote’ stickers
  • 250 Vote 2018 overview cards (also available in 10 other languages)
  • 10 weeks' worth of postage-paid envelopes to return the registration applications and pledge cards you gather
  • One ‘Register to Vote Here’ poster

Additional quantities of these and other voter outreach materials can be ordered online.

What do I need to know about voter registration laws?

A guide to voter registration will be provided to all program participants explaining basic voter eligibility laws and how to successfully complete a voter registration application. 


Our office will send a reminder postcard or text message to each voter you have fill out a registration application or pledge to vote card. The reminder will contain basic information about the election, such as the date and polling place hours. 

can we find out how many people we register or pledge to vote?

Following the election, our office will tabulate and share with you the total registrations and pledge cards submitted by your organization.

Can we receive the names and addresses of those we register?

Once you submit a voter registration application to our office it becomes government data. You will not be able to request a list of the specific names and contact information for the voters you register. Under certain circumstances you may request a list of registered voters, but the list will not indicate who specifically registered through your effort.