Minnesota Secretary Of State - Democracy Cup 2020
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Democracy Cup 2020

Minnesota's Democracy Cup is the statewide collegiate voter turnout competition. Every two years, your campus and campuses across Minnesota can compete against one another to achieve the highest percentage of voting of those eligible to vote. The Democracy Cup fosters a concerted campus effort-- through friendly competition and a burst of civic mindedness-- to get your student body out to vote.  

Whether your campus is two-year, four-year, public or private, this competition will help increase voter registration and voting where you are and on campuses throughout the state.   



Message from Secretary Simon

Secretary Simon would like your college or university in the 2020 Democracy Cup:

“College campuses are hubs of democracy, activism, and civic engagement. Part of what makes Minnesota so special is our statewide dedication to civic engagement. Your work in 2016 registering, educating, and encouraging young people to become voters was a model of the energy and dedication that made Minnesota best in the nation in voter turnout. In 2018, we strive to continue to lead the country. Be a part of what makes our state a national leader – participate in the 2018 Minnesota College Ballot Bowl and have some fun while doing your part to increase voter registration and participation in Minnesota.”

No Sign Up!

  • We will be working with your administration on sharing NSLVE data of campus voter turnout, so you don't have to worry about it.  Your job is to get people registered, educated, and GET OUT THE VOTE! (And it's our job to help you do that, so let us know how we can support you with ideas, resources, community partnerships, and moral support.


Winners Announced (Summer of 2021)

That's not a type-o!  Voter turnout by campus is released (by the National Study of Voter Learning and Engagement (NSLVE) at Tufts University) in the summer of the following year, but not to worry, we will celebrate!


2018 Results

  • The public 2-year college with highest voter turnout was Normandale Community College with 54.8% of their students voting.


  • The public university winner was the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a 58.7% voter participation rate.


  • The private college/university winner was the Hamline University with a 63.3% voter participation rate.


  • An honorable mention for most improved voter turnout went to Minneapolis College with 52.8% of students voting.