Minnesota Secretary Of State - Congressional District 1 Special Election
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Congressional District 1 Special Election

The governor has issued a Writ of Special Election to fill a vacancy for U.S. Representative for Congressional District 1. The vacancy was caused by the passing of U.S. Representative Jim Hagedorn on February 18, 2022. Congressional District 1 represents much of southern Minnesota. 

Election Dates

Filing Information

Candidates may file for this office with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State in Saint Paul. Candidates and their supporters are reminded that they must follow FEC campaign finance guidelines.

Candidates Filed

Candidates filed for Congressional District 1 as of 3:45 p.m. March 15, 2022
Name Party/Principle Filing Date
Bob "Again" Carney Jr. Republican 3/1/2022
Ken Navitsky Republican 3/3/2022
Richard W. Painter Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/4/2022
Brad Finstad Republican 3/7/2022
Jeremy Munson Republican 3/7/2022
Kevin Kocina Republican 3/8/2022
Richard B. Reisdorf Legal Marijuana Now 3/8/2022
George H. Kalberer Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/9/2022
Roger Ungemach Republican 3/9/2022
Sarah Brakebill-Hacke Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/9/2022
Jeff Ettinger Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/10/2022
Matt Benda Republican 3/10/2022
Rick DeVoe Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/10/2022
J.R. Ewing Republican 3/11/2022
Warren Lee Anderson Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/11/2022
Jennifer Carnahan Republican 3/14/2022
James Rainwater Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/14/2022
Nels Pierson Republican 3/14/2022
Candice Deal-Bartell Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3/15/2022
Haroun McClellan Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis 3/15/2022