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Mail Solicitations

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State has become aware of mailers sent out to Minnesota businesses that misrepresent our fees for filings such as annual renewals.


This is a type of mail solicitation from third-party companies that is official-looking and often implies that entities must pay a fee to complete filings for business renewals or to comply with reporting requirements. Be wary of this mail, as many of the filings can be completed through our office for free or at a lower cost than what is being offered.


You can view the actual fees associated with various filings handled by our office here.​


The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State will never send renewal notices or correspondence by mail. Our office will only send annual courtesy emails about renewing your business.

If you are unsure if an official-looking mailer is legitimate, please contact our office before sending any payment or personal information.

Metro Area: 651-296-2803 

Greater MN: 1-877-551-6767

Email: business.services@state.mn.us

Common Types of Solicitations


Business Renewals

Minnesota business owners have reported receiving mailers offering to file their annual business renewals for a fee. Some of these mailers have incorrectly stated our fees for this filing.

What you should know: For most entities, filing a renewal is free and easy to complete through our website. Visit our Renewals page to learn more.


Beneficial Ownership Information

Mailers have been sent in Minnesota to inform business owners of the new federal filing requirement to report beneficial ownership information. The companies sending these solicitations claim to have created a portal to report this information.

What you should know: The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) will not accept reports before January 1, 2024. For more information about Beneficial Ownership Information and to find the legitimate portal to report after January 1, 2024, visit FinCEN's website.


What to Look Out For:

Some common features of these solicitations include:

  • A company name that sounds official but isn't. For example, "United States Business Records Division" or "Federal Business Filling Department"
  • A disclaimer that they are a third-party company and not a government agency
  • Exorbitant fees (view the actual fees for MN Secretary of State filings here)
  • Legal jargon and/or quoting state or federal laws
  • Misspellings or incorrect grammar
  • Urgent language
  • Threats of jail time if you don't comply


Avoid Paying for Unnecessary Services

From the Minnesota Attorney General's Office

It is important for businesses to do their homework before paying for the unnecessary services advertised in these types of solicitations.

Here are a few tips:

  • Read the solicitation carefully to find out who actually sent it and what they are offering.
  • Keep a list of required registrations and fees handy.
  • Keep track of when renewals are due.


Reminder: If you list an email address with the Minnesota Secretary of State's office, you will receive annual renewal reminders as well as a notification if something has been filed on your business.


For more information, visit this page from the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General: Business Compliance Solicitation