Minnesota Secretary Of State - Secretary Simon Officially Launches Pledge-to-Vote Program
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Secretary Simon Officially Launches Pledge-to-Vote Program

June 7, 2016

New outreach initiative central to returning Minnesota to #1 in voter turnout

SAINT PAUL — Today, Secretary of State Steve Simon announced the official launch of the Pledge-to-Vote program — a new voter outreach initiative designed to make nonpartisan voter outreach easy and effective for any individual or group of individuals, such as nonprofits, businesses, food shelves, military family organizations, and human services providers.

Participating partners in the Pledge-to-Vote program will receive a free voter outreach kit from the Secretary of State’s Office and work in a nonpartisan manner to register their communities to vote and encourage registered voters to fill out a Pledge-to-Vote form.

As Election Day nears, the Secretary of State’s Office will send a reminder-to-vote postcard or text message to a mobile device to all Minnesotans who filled out a Pledge-to-Vote form. The reminder will contain basic information about the election, such as the date and polling place hours. To sign up and participate in the Pledge-to-Vote program, click here.

“I’ve challenged the people of Minnesota and the thousands of nonprofits and businesses across the state to return us back to number one in voter turnout in the country, and the Pledge-to-Vote program is a central part of that effort,” said Secretary Simon. “This program is going to aid in our efforts to reach out to voters with typically lower turnout rates, such as young people, communities of color, members of our armed forces, and New Americans, and ensure that as many Minnesotans as possible use their vote as their voice this November.”

Every participating partner in the Pledge-to-Vote program will receive a free voter outreach kit that includes an initial supply of:

Any individual or group of individuals who participates is prohibited from using the materials or activities related to the Pledge-to-Vote program to support or oppose candidates, political parties, or ballot measures. To read the full list of conditions participants must agree to, among other information, click here.