Minnesota Secretary Of State - Pamela Hoopes Honored With NASS Medallion Award
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Pamela Hoopes Honored With NASS Medallion Award

May 24, 2019

Secretary of State Simon Presents NASS Medallion Award to Pamela Hoopes for Years of Service to Disability Community

SAINT PAUL – Secretary of State Steve Simon on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, presented a NASS Medallion Award to Pamela Hoopes, retiring Deputy Director of the Disability Law Center and member of the Secretary of State’s Disability Advisory Committee, for her advocacy on behalf of voters with disabilities and her work to ensure that all Minnesotans can participate in their democracy.

“I am truly honored to present Pamela Hoopes with a NASS medallion award,” said Secretary Simon. “It is the central mission of my office to make voting as easy as possible for all eligible Minnesotans. Pam’s work in furthering this mission is unparalleled and all Minnesotans owe her a debt of gratitude for strengthening access to voting. On behalf of myself and the Office of the Secretary of State, I wish Pam well in retirement and thank her for her years of service to Minnesota voters and the entire disability community.”

Pamela Hoopes has been a champion for people with disabilities since 1989. She has served on the Office of Secretary of State’s Disability Advisory Committee both under Secretary Mark Ritchie and Secretary Simon. In this capacity, she has lead a coalition involving both public and private partners, in coordination with the Office of Secretary of State, in a survey of the accessibility of polling places throughout Minnesota. This polling place accessibility survey has helped jurisdictions identify ways to improve the accessibility of their polling places and to advocate at the legislature for additional resources to improve voter accessibility.

Pamela Hoopes has been an advocate for voters with disabilities in the courts, at the legislature, and in the community. In her role at the Disability Law Center, Ms. Hoopes has lead trainings and advocacy campaigns around increasing access to voting for Minnesotans with disabilities. Her leadership has improved the voting experience for people with disabilities, and she has served as an invaluable resource to the Office of Secretary of State.

Ms. Hoopes started with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid as a staff attorney with the Disability Law Center, and has since served more than 20 years as the deputy director of the Disability Law Center.

About the NASS Medallion Award

The NASS Medallion Award allows individual Secretaries of State to recognize outstanding service and dedication to furthering the mission of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) within the states.

The NASS Medallion Award was created to honor individuals, groups or organizations with an established record of promoting the goals of NASS in one or more of the following areas:

• Elections, with special emphasis on voter education and participation
• Civic education, including the teaching, promotion and study of this subject
• Service to state government, specifically as it relates to the duties of the office of the Secretary of State
• A commitment to giving – a business or individual whose philanthropic contributions have significantly enhanced the quality of life in a local or regional area within a state, or within an entire state