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Photograph by Dan Anderson

Guthrie Theater Yellow Room
Looking up at the Guthrie Theater’s 9th floor ‘Yellow Window’ observation room in downtown Minneapolis.  This amber glass incased cantilevered room is connected to the Dowling Studio lobby within the Guthrie building and offers amazing views of the Mississippi River front area.



Saint Paul Capitol Statue
School kids taking a tour of the Minnesota State Capitol building in Saint Paul.  The golden quadriga statue on the Capitol’s roof is called the ‘Progress of the State’.  Quadriga is the Latin name for a chariot drawn by four horses.  This statue was created in 1906 and contains quite a bit of symbolism for our state:  The horses represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.  The two women represent industry and agriculture.  The rider, holding a Minnesota flag, represents prosperity and collectively they all represent civilization.  The statue is made from copper, steel and is covered in a shiny gold-leaf laminate.