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How to Get an Apostille

How to get a Apostille
Bring or mail the original notarized document by a Minnesota Notary or the original certified copy from a Minnesota county to our office.

Where to get the following documents:

  • Birth or Death Records: Minnesota Department of Health
  • Passports: To obtain a passport you can go to any major post office, the county office of your residence, or visit the State Department website. 
  • Marriage Certificates: the county office where the marriage took place.


Mailing Instructions
If you choose to mail in your document(s), provide a letter or use Authentication Request Form advising us what is the country of designation for the document(s) and include a check for the applicable fee.  Documents are returned back to the address listed on the check unless you provide specific instructions to be mailed to a different address or provide a returned envelope. You may enclose a prepaid FedEx, USPS Priority Mail or UPS label which will speed up the return of the document being delivered back to you (this is not required). 

The office charges a $5.00 fee for each authentication certificate.
Make the check payable to: MN Secretary of State.

Present in person or mail to:

Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building
Minnesota Secretary of State - Certification
60 Empire Drive, Suite 100

Saint Paul, MN 55103-2141

 (OPEN Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., excluding holidays)