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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

Newsletter Review
February 2013 Open Appointments Vacancy Notice
Posted Date: 2/4/2013 7:30 AM
For Release: February 4, 2013
Contact Info:

Notice of Vacancies in Multi-Member Agencies
SAINT PAUL—The Secretary of State’s Office today released the monthly notice of vacancies that have occurred in multi-member state agencies, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 15.0597, subdivision 4 (see the list of current vacancies below).

Application forms may be found at: or may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of State, Open Appointments, 180 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155-1299, or in person at Room 180 of the State Office Building.

In accordance with the Minnesota Open Appointments Law, the Secretary of State acts as an administrator in publishing vacancies, receiving applications, and recording appointments. Applications will be reviewed and appointments made by the appointing authorities for these various agencies; questions about specific vacancies and appointments should be directed to the appointing authority. Applications submitted by February 26, 2013 are assured of full consideration by the appointing authority. Appointing authorities for these agencies may choose to review applications received by the Secretary of State after that date. Applications are kept on file for a one year period. Agency information for this press release was supplied by the various agencies.

The 2012 Open Appointments Annual Report is available at: . This publication includes a complete listing of state boards and councils that follow the Open Appointments process, descriptions of these agencies and their memberships, and statistical information about appointments and vacancies during the 2012 fiscal year. Paper copies of the 2012 Open Appointments Annual Report are available at the Minnesota Bookstore, 651-297-3000 or 1-800-657-3757.


“Public Member” means a person who is not, or never was, a member of the profession or occupation being licensed or regulated or the spouse of any such person, or a person who does not have or has never had, a material financial interest in either the providing of the professional service being licensed or regulated or an activity directly related to the profession or occupation being licensed or regulated. MN Statute 214.02.


When submitting your application, please include the following documents:
- Open Appointments Application Form – completed, signed & dated
- Letter of Interest
- Resume or Biography

Submit online:

Submit by e-Mail:

Submit By Mail or in Person:
Open Appointments
Secretary of State’s Office
180 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St Paul, MN 55155-1299

You may join our e-mail list-serve by submitting your e-mail address to:
or call us at (651) 297-5845.
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1380 ENERGY LANE, #202
ST. PAUL, MN 55108
M.S. 214.32.

Appointing: Program Committee to the Health Professionals Service Program
Compensation: None
Vacancies: One (1) - Public Member

The Health Professionals Services Program is designed to monitor the treatment and continuing care of regulated health professionals who may be unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety, if their illness is not appropriately managed. The enabling legislation provides a non-disciplinary tool for health licensing boards to deal with impaired health professionals who recognize their illness and the need for continuing care and/or practice limitations. The committee will provide input to the Program Committee, program and board staff. An advisory committee is established to advise the program committee consisting of: (1) one member appointed by each of the following: the Minnesota Academy of Physician Assistants, the Minnesota Dental Association, the Minnesota Chiropractic Association, the Minnesota Licensed Practical Nurse Association, the Minnesota Medical Association, the Minnesota Nurses Association, and the Minnesota Podiatric Medicine Association; (2) one member appointed by each of the professional associations of the other professions regulated by a participating board not specified in clause (1); and (3) two public members, as defined by section 214.02. Members of the advisory committee shall be appointed for two years and members may be reappointed. Additional Information on how appointments are made: Biennial Notice of Appointments to Program Manager. Biennially on November 1st of odd numbered years, the program manager will notify each participating association of the need to make a new appointment or confirm the continuation of the current appointee by the coming January 15th. Each participating association must notify the program manager in writing on or before January 15th of the even numbered year of who their representative is and who their alternate is (if they use an alternate). HPSP does not offer members a per-diem (Payment) for participating on the Committee. Participation on the Committee is voluntary. "Public member" means a person who is not, or never was, a member of the profession or occupation being licensed or regulated or the spouse of any such person, or a person who does not have or has never had, a material financial interest in either the providing of the professional service being licensed or regulated or an activity directly related to the profession or occupation being licensed or regulated. Minimum of quarterly meetings are held during the evening at 2829 University Ave., Mpls.


ST. PAUL, MN 55155
M.S. 15B

Appointing: Governor
Compensation: $55 per diem
Vacancies: One (1) - Member

The board is responsible for architecture, urban design, and comprehensive land-use planning in the capitol area of St. Paul, exercises zoning and design review authority, and overseas redevelopment of the north capitol area. The board consists of twelve members. The governor appoints four members, the Mayor of St. Paul appoints three members with confirmation by the city council; the legislature appoints two senators and two representatives; and the lieutenant governor is the chair. The full board meets about four times a year, committees may meet more often. Meetings are held in the Capitol Building, St. Paul, MN.


85 E 7th Place, #300
PO Box 64882
ST. PAUL, MN 55164-0882
M.S. 214.13.

Appointing: Commissioner of Health
Compensation: $55 per diem plus expenses
Vacancies: One (1) - Public Member

The council advises the Commissioner of the Department of Health on matters relating to certification and regulation of hearing instrument dispensers including certification standards, enforcement of certification laws and rules, and examination services. The commissioner shall appoint seven persons to a Hearing Instrument Dispenser Advisory Council. (a) The seven persons must include: (1) three public members, as defined in section 214.02. At least one of the public members shall be a hearing instrument user and one of the public members shall be either a hearing instrument user or an advocate of one; and (2) three hearing instrument dispensers certified under sections 153A.14 to 153A.20, each of whom is currently, and has been for the five years immediately preceding their appointment, engaged in hearing instrument dispensing in Minnesota and who represent the occupation of hearing instrument dispensing and who are not audiologists; and (3) one audiologist licensed as an audiologist under chapter 148 who dispenses hearing instruments, recommended by a professional association representing audiologists and speech-language pathologists. (b) The factors the commissioner may consider when appointing advisory council members include, but are not limited to, professional affiliation, geographical location, and type of practice. (c) No two members of the advisory council shall be employees of, or have binding contracts requiring sales exclusively for, the same hearing instrument manufacturer or the same employer. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis, at the Snelling Office Park; 1645 Energy Park Dr; St. Paul, MN 55108.


987 E. IVY AVE.
ST. PAUL, MN 55106-2046
M.S. 138.911

Appointing: Governor and The Board
Compensation: Expenses only
Vacancies: Six (6) - Members

Serve as an advisory body. Membership includes 21-35 Directors total, with up to 6 directors appointed by the Governor. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis; typically the first Friday in March, June, October and December, at the Minnesota Humanities Center, 987 Ivy Ave E., St. Paul, MN 55106.


1500 W. HWY. 36
ROSEVILLE, MN 55113-4266
M.S. 123B.445.

Appointing: Commissioner of Education
Compensation: MDE may pay $55 per diem and may reimburse expense
Vacancies: One (1) - Member

The council advises the Commissioner on nonpublic educational aids as well as other matters affecting nonpublic education and nonpublic schools. The council is also authorized to recognize educational accrediting agencies for purposes relating to Minnesota's Compulsory Instruction Law. The fifteen members shall represent various areas of the state, methods of providing nonpublic education, and shall be knowledgeable about nonpublic education. Department of Education may pay $55 per diem and may reimburse expenses for council members who are not in related paid employment. The per diem and expenses paid are subject to available funds and Department of Education agency practice for advisory groups. The Council meets three to four times during the school year, at the Dept. of Education, Roseville, MN.


ST. PAUL, MN 55108
M.S. 257.0755

Appointing: Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
Compensation: None
Vacancies: Three (3) - Members

The ombudsperson shall monitor agency compliance with all laws governing child protection and placement, as they impact Indian children through work with the courts, court officials, policy makers, service providers, social workers, guardians ad litem, and training. The ombudsperson has the authority to investigate decisions or acts, and other matters of an agency, program or facility via complaints, systems and personnel, or upon personal initiative. The ombudsperson shall be given access to any information in the possession of any agency deemed necessary to discharge duties. The ombudsperson may subpoena any agency personnel or documents which the ombudsperson deems relevant to the matter. All five members should be members from the Indian community. Four yearly full board meetings; and at least six individual community board meetings. Meeting locations vary in Twin Cities.


ST. PAUL, MN 55155
M.S. 16B.33.; M.S. 16C.32-34

Appointing: Commissioner of Administration
Compensation: $55 per diem, plus expenses
Vacancies: One (1) - Public Member

The State Designer Selection Board (SDSB) selects the primary designer on building construction or remodeling projects as requested by state agencies, the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) on all projects with an estimated construction cost greater than $2,000,000, and on planning projects with estimated fees greater than $200,000. The state Designer Selection Board consists of seven individuals, the majority of whom must be Minnesota residents. Each of the following four organizations shall nominate one individual whose name and qualifications shall be submitted to the commissioner of administration for consideration: the Consulting Engineers Council of Minnesota after consultation with other professional engineering societies in the state; the AIA Minnesota; the Minnesota chapter of the Associated General Contractors after consultation with other commercial contractor associations in the state; and the Minnesota Board of the Arts. The commissioner may appoint the four named individuals to the board but may reject a nominated individual and request another nomination. The fifth member shall be a representative of the user agency, the University of Minnesota, or the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, designated by the user agency. The remaining two citizen members shall also be appointed by the commissioner. Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. at 116B Administration Bldg. Notice of meetings is published at