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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

Law provides: The agency has a commissioner and a nine-member citizens’ board with the commissioner serving as chair of the board, to administer the laws relating to preservation of the environment and protection of the public health consistent with the economic welfare of the state. (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 116)

Commissioner: Brad M. Moore 
Appointed: 2006  
Salary: $108,400

520 Lafayette Rd., St. Paul 55155
(651)296-6300, (800)657-3864
Web site:


Deputy Commissioner: Leo Raudys
Assistant Commissioner, Air Policy: David Thornton
Assistant Commissioner, Water Policy: vacant
Assistant Commissioner, Land Policy/Six Sigma: Tim Scherkenbach

Function: The agency’s mission is to help Minnesotans protect the environment. The agency measures the quality of the state’s environment, develops rules that protect human health and the environment, and helps individuals and organizations meet their environmental responsibilities. 

Industrial Division administers core regulatory programs affecting large industrial facilities to ensure they comply with air quality, water quality, and hazardous waste regulations, including those related to air and water permitting, waste management, and storage tanks.
Director: Jim Warner

Municipal Division works with localities to ensure proper management of wastewater, stormwater, and solid waste. Work includes technical assistance, development of rules and policy, permitting, and compliance and enforcement.
Acting Director: Lisa Thorvig

Remediation Division oversees the process of cleaning up pollution in the soil, water, or air from an accidental spill or from polluting activities that occur over a long period of time. Programs range from voluntary investigation and cleanup to the emergency response team. The Brownfields program cleans up abandoned land sites contaminated by industry so they can be redeveloped.
Director: Kathy Sather

Regional Division delivers environmental programs, products, and services for smaller, dispersed sources of pollution such as small cities, businesses, and individuals. Many water quality and solid waste programs are based in this division. Specific programs include feedlots, basin management, landfill operations, stormwater, and other programs targeting nonpoint source pollution.
Director: Gaylen Reetz

Environmental Analysis and Outcomes Division monitors and evaluates the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of Minnesota’s environment. This information is used to identify environmental threats and impacts to human and ecosystem health; help set environmental goals and measure progress in achieving them; establish standards; conduct risk assessments and effluent limit evaluations in support of regulatory programs; make data accessible to agency leadership, staff, stakeholders and citizens; and lead strategic planning for the agency.
Director: Mike Sandusky

Prevention and Assistance Division includes the customer assistance center (CAC) and small business assistance program (SBAP).  CAC staff answer questions from regulated parties and citizens about air quality, water quality, hazardous waste, and storage tanks. The SBAP provides free, non-regulatory, confidential environmental assistance to small businesses.
Director: Cathy Moeger

Operational Support Division provides Minnesota Environment magazine and other agency publications to the public.
Director: Rod Massey

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