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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

Law provides: The department administers the laws relating to workers’ compensation working conditions, wages and construction codes and licensing. (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 175, 176, 177, 178, 181, 182,183,184, 16B.59 through 16B.76, 327.20, subdivision 1(5), 327.205, 327B.01 through 327B.12, and 327.31 through 327.36, 16B.61, 31.175, 103I.621, 144.99 through 144.993, 325F.75, 326.37 through 326.45, 326.57 through 326.65, and 327.20, sections 16B.61 and 326.241 through 326.248, 326.83 through 326.992, and 327A)

Commissioner: M. Scott Brener 
Appointed: 2003  
Salary: $108,400

Edina.  Georgetown, B.A., international history and international politics (1987), Emory University School of Law, J.D. (1991). Congressional intern, Congressman Dean Gallo (1991–1992), government affairs consultant, The Brener Group (1993–1994), assistant commissioner/general counsel, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (1994–1998), deputy commissioner, Minnesota Office of Technology (1998), deputy director of cabinet affairs, Office of the Governor (1996–1998), director of public policy, Qwest/US West Communications (1998–2000), assistant commissioner, Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development (2000–2001), government, public, and regulatory affairs consultant, The Brener Group (2001–2003).

443 Lafayette Rd., St. Paul 55155, (651)284-5005
Web site:; E-mail:

Legislative Liaison:  John Rajkowski
Assistant Commissioner, Safety Codes and Standards:  Tom Joachim
Assistant Commissioner, Workers’ Compensation:  Patricia Todd
Director, Labor Standards and Apprenticeship:  Roslyn Wade

Function: The department is a regulatory and technical assistance agency with responsibility to ensure widespread compliance with all state laws and established construction codes for all of Minnesota’s work and living environments through education, licensing and penalty citations.

Safety Codes and Services Division advises the public and enforces laws, rules, codes and regulations regarding workplace safety standards, construction health and safety codes and licensing of the construction industry.

Workers’ Compensation Division assures compliance with workers’ compensation statutes, maintains workers’ compensation records, monitors workers’ compensation rehabilitation services, resolves workers’ compensation disputes, pays benefits to injured workers whose employers were uninsured or bankrupt, and pays supplemental benefits.

The Labor Standards and Apprenticeship Division enforces employment laws governing child labor, minimum wage, overtime, prevailing wage, and parental leave. It regulates, supervises, and promotes apprenticeship programs that meet state standards.

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