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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

Constitution provides: The secretary of state is an officer in the executive department; to qualify as secretary of state, a person must be a qualified voter, 21 years old, and elected by the people (Article V).
Term: Four Years      
Statutory Salary: $90,227

Mark Ritchie

Minneapolis. Iowa State University, B.S., honors program (1971).  Executive director, Center for Rural Studies (1976–1979); resource and research manager, Miller Meester Company (1981–1984); trade policy analyst, State of Minnesota (1984–1988); president, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (1986–2006); executive director, National Voice (2003–2004).


180 State Office Bldg., St. Paul 55155
Web site: E-mail:

 Elected: 2006  
Term expires: January 2011

This office maintains many official records of the state, oversees the administration of elections in the state, charters and registers corporations, maintains annual reports for foreign and domestic corporations, registers notaries, and publishes this book. The office administers statewide databases for voter registration and for the filing of liens under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

The secretary of state chairs the state election canvassing board and convenes the Electoral College in the state. As keeper of the great seal of the state of Minnesota, the secretary of state certifies official records and documents. He serves on the State Executive Council and the State Board of Investment. In order of gubernatorial succession, the secretary of state follows the lieutenant governor, president of the senate, and speaker of the house.

Election Division administers election law, provides information on election procedures, publishes election information, and preserves official documents, including proclamations, executive orders of the governor, delegations of authority, special laws, rules, and extraditions.

Open Appointments Administrator administers the open appointments process for state boards and agencies.

Business Services Division reviews, approves, and files articles of incorporation and amendments for all businesses, nonprofit, foreign, professional cooperative, banking, and insurance companies doing business in the state. This division records assumed business names, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships and accepts applications for legal newspaper status. This division, in turn, provides database information to the public by providing lists, labels, tapes, on-line access, and subscriptions, and by answering telephone inquiries. Walk-in counter service is available at 60 Empire Dr., St. Paul, for business filings, certification orders, and authentication of documents for use in other countries.

UCC & Notary Services Division files and maintains records filed under the Uniform Commercial Code regarding collateral that has been pledged to secure loans.  It also administers the Central Notification System (CNS) for farm product liens and files and maintains state and federal tax liens. It processes all notary public applications, renewals, and changes and maintains the notary database; it also makes available e-notarization for notaries public who wish to perform electronic notarizations. 

Secretary of State Staff


(Back row, left to right) Nicholas Truso, Bonita Harvieux, Bert Black, and Mike McCarthy; (front row) Kent Kaiser, Todd Bleess, Beth Fraser, Gary Poser, and Todd Pierce


(Front row, left to right) Mike Nelson, Kathy Hjelm, Jenny LeVesque, Millie Cardinal, Tia Vang, Luann Schneider, Linda Moreau, Haili Prokop, Sandy Horner, and Pat Baird; (back row) Anita Deutsch, Jenny Kurz, Pat Carlson, Laurie Schlegel, Amber Tukua, Heidi Kostelac, Randi Samuelson, Victoria Ayoola, Becky Meyer, Connie Kiffmeyer, and Sharon Satnik


(Left to right) Farheen Sufi, Giordi Evenson, Jackie Roen, Michele McNulty, Ning Lei, Joe Zych, Gary Marttila, Matt McCollough, Ron Roeser, Dan Auger, Ed Gitelman, Gerry Brakke, Deb Laing, Paula Biever, Greg Morey, Joann Swanberg, Alex Babin, Ted Lautzenheiser, Bob Cross, and Rebecca Hamburge

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