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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

211 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-2314
Function: to provide a service and resource center of information to members of the house, staff, and the public. The office provides assistance, advice, and information on procedural and parliamentary matters and is responsible for the filing, printing, and distribution of legal and other documents, including the house journal. Permanent rules of the house also require the office to prepare and update comprehensive bill indexes by number, topic, author, and subject. A managed house Web site offers public access to daily documents, including bills, journals, daily agendas, and calendars. The chief clerk’s office is comprised of the:

Chief Clerk: Al Mathiowetz, St. Paul. St. Cloud State University. Minnesota House of Representatives, journal clerk (1973–1980), second assistant chief clerk (1981–1983), first assistant chief clerk (1985–2004), chief clerk (2005–present); member, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries, since 1973, associate vice president in 1996.


First Assistant Chief Clerk:
Patrick Duffy Murphy, St. Paul. University of St. Thomas. Minnesota House of Representatives, journal editor (1980–2004), first assistant chief clerk (2005–present).



Second Assistant Chief Clerk: Gail C. Romanowski, Woodbury. Concordia College Moorhead. Minnesota House of Representatives, second assistant chief clerk (1999–present).




Chaplain: Reverend Paul Rogers, Minneapolis.  Augustana College; Berlin, Ecumenical Seminars; Luther Seminary, B.D. and graduate studies in missiology. Served as senior pastor and associate pastors in various churches in Minnesota and South Dakota (1969–2000); interim assignments with Minneapolis/St. Paul Area Synods (2005–2006); house chaplain (2007).



Index Department (Bill Status): 211 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-6646

Index Clerk: Heather Ball, Minneapolis.  University of Iowa, communications (1990); Minnesota House of Representatives house research, information assistant (1991); Western International Media, assistant buyer (1992); Minnesota House of Representatives chief clerk’s office, administrative assistant (1993–1995), assistant bill title editor (1995–1997), bill title editor (1997–2000), assistant index clerk (2000–2005), index clerk (2005–present).


Front Office (Documents Distribution): 211 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155
Supervisor: Donald O. Crosby

Third Floor (Administrative Support/Floor Proceedings): 348 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155 (651)296-8090
Supervisor: Carolyn E. Brown

Information/Communications Systems: 216A State Capitol, St. Paul 55155
Web Manager: Mike Speiker

175 State Office Bldg., St. Paul 55155, (651)296-2146, (800)657-3550
Web site:
Function: House Public Information Services is a nonpartisan department of the Minnesota House of Representatives serving as an informational resource for the public, legislators, and staff. The office is the initial point of contact for the public to have questions answered about the house of representatives. The staff produces publications, television programming and Web-based information that explains the issues before the legislature and informs about the legislative process. The office also provides documentary photographic services for house members and for use in publications and on the house Web site. Publications and services include: Session Weekly newsmagazine; Session Daily–an online news service updated when news from the house warrants; printed and electronic versions of committee schedules; television coverage of house floor sessions, selected committee hearings and other legislative events; directories and rosters, informational brochures, and educational publications.
Director: Barry A. LaGrave

600 State Office Bldg., St. Paul 55155, (651)296-6753, Fax: (651)296-9887
Web site:
Function: The department provides research, legislative, drafting, and legal services on a
nonpartisan basis to the entire membership of the house and its committees.
Director: Patrick J. McCormack

190 State Office Building, St. Paul 55155, (651) 296-4860
Web site:
Function: The sergeant’s office serves as a liaison with capitol security in providing security for house office areas. The chief sergeant is responsible for decorum and protocol and may be requested by the speaker to locate and escort members to the chamber during a roll call vote. The sergeant’s office oversees house pages who serve as support staff for all house and conference committee hearings and aid all departments. The office coordinates the house’s high-school page program and college intern program. The office organizes and leads seminars about the legislative process and conducts tours for constituents and special guests upon request. The office also assigns parking spaces for members and staff and operates the house post office and house duplicating.

Chief Sergeant-at-Arms: Sandra Dicke, Maplewood. B.S., education, University of Wisconsin River Falls (1968), public human resources certificate, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota (1996); North St. Paul-Maplewood-White Bear Lake Schools (1969–1972); Minnesota House of Representatives (1981–present).



First Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms: Eric Bergstrom, Saint Paul. B.A., government, St. John’s University (1996), University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business. Minnesota House of Representatives, legislative assistant (1997–1998); office of the governor (1999–2000); Digital Marketing, account manager (2000–2001); Minnesota Smoke-Free Coalition, legislative advocacy coordinator (2001–2002); Ramsey County, election specialist (2002); Wells Fargo (2004–2006); Grassroots Solutions, field director (2006). 


Second Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms: Julia Miller, St Paul.  B.A., communications studies and political science, University of Iowa (2005), Minnesota State University Student Association (2005–2006), Minnesota House of Representatives DFL Caucus (2006).



Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms GOP Caucus: Troy Olsen, Brooklyn Park. B.A., political science, University of Minnesota Morris (1991); Herman High School, assistant varsity football coach (1991); Minnesota House of Representatives, information services assistant (1993), constituent services specialist/writer (1994–1995), constituent services director (1995–2005), assistant sergeant-at-arms, chief sergeant-at-arms (2005–present).


Assistant Postmaster: Soliving Kong, St. Paul. Minnesota House of Representatives (1986–present)




645 State Office Bldg., St. Paul 55155, (651)296-3398
Web site: e-mail:
Law provides: The library provides public policy resources to legislators, legislative staff
members, and citizens and serves as a depository for state agency publications. The library also serves as custodian for recordings of committee meetings and floor sessions, committee logs, and minute books. (Minnesota Statutes, Section 3.302, 3.3025, and 3.195)

700 State Office Bldg., 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul 55155
(651)296-2868, Fax: (651)296-0569
Web site:
Function: The office drafts bills, resolutions, amendments, motions, committee reports, and other documents for the legislature; drafts administrative rules for state agencies; edits and publishes Laws of Minnesota, Minnesota Statutes, and Minnesota Rules; assists with the engrossment and enrollment of bills; reports to the legislature on statutory deficiencies noted in opinions of the supreme court; provides computer services to the legislature; and performs other services upon request of the legislature.
Revisor: Michele L. Timmons

231 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-0271
Function: The secretary of the senate is the chief operating officer of the senate, under the jurisdiction of the committee on rules and administration.  The main functions are to act as parliamentarian and as administrator of the internal operations of the senate. The production of the senate journal, all calendars, the introductions and engrossment of senate bills, and the certification of bills passed are under the direction for the secretary of the senate.  The secretary of the senate calls the roll during floor sessions, reads bills and other documents, and moves legislation through the Orders of Business.  The office is responsible for keeping minutes and coordinating the functions of the sessions. The office supervises senate personnel and directs the daily operation of the senate.

Secretary of the Senate: Patrick Flahaven, St. Paul. B.A., political science, College of St. Thomas; M.M.A., M.B.A., Metropolitan State University. Former congressional assistant and assistant secretary; past president, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries; past chair, Mason’s Legislative Manual Revision Commission; past staff vice president, National Conference of State Legislatures; Atlantic and Pacific Exchange Program; African and Romanian Parliamentary Programs; honorary member, Clerks-at-the-Table, Canada; Minnesota Senate (1971–present).


First Assistant Secretary: Patrice Dworak, Maplewood. B.A., personnel management, Metropolitan State University. Minnesota Senate (1973–present); member, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (1977–present).




Second Assistant Secretary: Colleen Pacheco, St. Paul. Minnesota Senate (1975–present); member, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (1981–present).




Third Assistant Secretary: Michael Linn, St. Paul. B.S., Bemidji State University (1986). Minnesota Senate (1986–present); member, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (1990–present).




Chaplain: Reverend Kevin McDonough, St. Paul. B.A., history, University of St. Thomas (1976); M.A., theology, St. Paul Seminary (1980); ordained priest, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (1980); J.C.L., University of St. Thomas Aquinas (1986); J.C.D., University of St. Thomas Aquinas (1987). Rector, St. John Vianney Seminary, University of St. Thomas (1987–1990); pastor, Church of St. Peter Claver (1990–present); member, St. John Vianney Seminary board; member, St. Paul Seminary board; member, University of St. Thomas School of Law board of governors; member, Canon Law Society of America; vicar general, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Engrossing Secretary: Melissa Mapes, Andover. B.A., political science, University of Minnesota Morris. Minnesota Senate (2005–present).




G-17 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-4791
Function: The office provides legal, research, and technical assistance to senate members and committees in the development of public policy and legislation.
Director: Jo Anne Zoff

110 State Capitol, St. Paul, 55155, (651)296-5560
Web site:
Function: The office indexes bills in the senate by subject, author committee, companion bill and chapter numbers, content, and senate journal page numbers for floor actions and tracks bill status.
Co-directors: Manuel Vasquez and Richard Almer

231 State Capitol, St. Paul, 55155, (651)296-0504 and (651)296-2887
Web site:, e-mail:
Function: The office provides information to the public, senators, and staff. Services include the distribution of information produced by the senate index department such as the identification of bills by subject or author, bill status, and senate journal page numbers for floor actions, as well as senate publications materials. All requests for information materials, except videotapes, are handled through the information office. Other services include helping members of the public identify their legislators and answering general questions about the legislature.
Director: Scott C. Magnuson

G-3 State Capitol, St. Paul 551155, (651)296-0161
Function: The office provides and produces all supporting documents used for daily legislative sessions, including agendas, calendars, and senate rules. During and following the daily session, data is compiled to produce the daily senate journal which records the actions of the day’s session. Upon completion of the legislative session, the daily senate journals become the permanent journal of the senate. Because Minnesota is a journal entry state, the Minnesota courts refer to the permanent journal should any legal question arise for the enacted legislation. All materials produced in journal production are released to the Internet for use by members, staff, and public.
Co-directors: Connie Peltier and Vicki Block

B-44 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-0264
Function: The office informs the public about the senate and legislative activities through television, photography, and multimedia services. It produces committee hearing, floor session, and news conference coverage, which airs on TPT 17 and greater Minnesota cable outlets; produces Capitol Report, a weekly public affairs program broadcasting on Minnesota PBS stations, highlighting issues facing the state and featuring interviews with key policy makers; produces educational videotapes about the legislative process; produces interactive computer programs about the legislature; creates senate displays and informational kiosks; and provides still photography services, including documentary and portrait photographs. Archived programming can be viewed online at
Director: Steve Senyk

G-24 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-0259
Function: The office provides bipartisan information about the senate to the public and publishes summaries of legislative action, schedules, calendars, and informational brochures. The office also maintains portions of the senate’s Web site. The office maintains a 24-hour telephone hotline, (651)296-8088, with recorded messages about the next day’s committee schedule.
Director: Karen L. Clark

G-1 State Capitol, St. Paul 55155, (651)296-1119
Web site:
Function: Sergeants maintain order and control the admittance of people to the senate chamber, senate offices, and senate committee hearing rooms. The office is responsible for the security of the chamber, galleries, offices, and hearing rooms and for enforcing the dress code in the senate chamber. The office is responsible for scheduling rooms for committee hearings, the issuance of parking permits for senators and staff, the issuance of keys and identity cards, and handling requests for the distribution of furniture and office equipment. In addition, the sergeant’s office is responsible for several services that provide assistance to persons with special needs.

Sergeant-at-Arms: Sven Lindquist, Spring Lake Park. B.A., public
administration, Bemidji State University. Minnesota Senate (1981–present); member, National Legislative Services and Security Association; member, executive committee, associate vice president, American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries.



Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms: Marilyn Logan Hall, North Branch. Office of the Governor (1989–1990); Minnesota Senate (1990–present); member, National Legislative Services and Security Association.

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