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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State


PresidentParty DesignationTerm Vice President
George WashingtonNone, Federalist1789-1797John Adams
John AdamsFederalist1797-1801Thomas Jefferson
Thomas JeffersonDemocratic-Republican1801-1809Aaron Burr, George Clinton
James MadisonDemocratic-Republican1809-1817George Clinton(10),
Elbridge Gerry(11)
James MonroeDemocratic-Republican1817-1825Daniel Tompkins
John Quincy AdamsDemocratic-Republican1825-1829John Calhoun
Andrew JacksonDemocrat1829-1837John Calhoun(12),
Martin van Buren
Martin van BurenDemocrat1837-1841Richard Johnson
William H. Harrison(1) Whig1841John Tyler
John Tyler Whig1841-1845vacant(13)
James K. Polk Democrat1845-1849George Dallas
Zachary Taylor(2) Whig1849-1850Millard Fillmore
Millard Fillmore Whig1850-1853vacant(13)
Franklin Pierce Democrat1853-1857William King
James Buchanan Democrat1857-1861John Breckinridge
Abraham Lincoln(3) Republican1861-1865Hannibal Hamlin,
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson National Union1865-1869vacant(13)
Ulysses S. Grant Republican1869-1877Schuyler Colfax
Rutherford Hayes Republican1877-1881William Wheeler
James Garfield(4) Republican1881Chester Arthur
Chester Arthur Republican1881-1885vacant(13)
Grover Cleveland Democrat1885-1889Thomas Hendriks
Benjamin Harrison Republican1889-1893Levi Morton
Grover Cleveland Democrat1893-1897Adlai Stevenson
William McKinley5 Republican1897-1901Garret Hobart,
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt Republican1901-1909Charles Fairbanks
William Taft Republican1909-1913James Sherman
Woodrow Wilson Democrat1913-1921Thomas Marshall
Warren Harding(6) Republican1921-1923Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge Republican1923-1929Charles Dawes
Herbert C. Hoover Republican1929-1933Charles Curtis
Franklin Delano Roosevelt(7)Democrat1933-1945John Garner,
Henry Wallace, 
Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman Democrat1945-1953Alben Barkley
Dwight David Eisenhower Republican1953-1961Richard Milhous Nixon
John Fitzgerald Kennedy(8) Democrat1961-1963Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson Democrat1963-1969Hubert Humphrey
Richard Milhous Nixon(9) Republican1969-1974Spiro Agnew(14),
Gerald R. Ford
Gerald R. Ford Republican1974-1977Nelson Rockefeller
James (Jimmy) Earl Carter, Jr.Democrat1977-1981Walter Mondale
Ronald Wilson Reagan Republican1981-1989George H. W. Bush
George H. W. Bush Republican1989-1993James Danforth (Dan) Quayle
William (Bill) Jefferson ClintonDemocrat1993-2001Al Gore
George W. Bush Republican2001-Richard Cheney

1 Died in office, April 4, 1841, and succeeded by Vice President Tyler.
2 Died in office, July 9, 1850, and succeeded by Vice President Fillmore.
3 Assassinated April 14, 1865, and succeeded by Vice President Johnson, April 15, 1865.
4 Died September 19, 1881, from wounds by assassin, and succeeded by Vice President Arthur.
5 Died September 14, 1901, from wounds by assassin, and succeeded by Vice President Roosevelt.
6 Died in office, August 2, 1923, and succeeded by Vice President Coolidge.
7 Died in office, April 12, 1945, and succeeded by Vice President Truman.
8 Assassinated November 22, 1963, and succeeded by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.
9 Resigned on August 9, 1974, and succeeded by Vice President Gerald R. Ford.
10 Died in office, April 20, 1812.
11 Died in office, November 23, 1832.
12 Resigned December 28, 1832, to become U.S. Senator.
13 Prior to the adoption of the 25th amendment in 1967, no consititutional provision existed to fill a
  vice-presidential vacancy.
14 Resigned October 10, 1973.

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