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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

Important Election Dates

Register to Vote

Go to the Polling Place

At the Polling Place—Sign in and Register if Needed

  • An election judge (poll worker) will ask for the voter’s name and address. Voters that registered before Election Day will be on their list and will sign their name.
  • Voters that did not register three weeks before Election Day will go to the registration area.

Get a Ballot

  • Voters receive a receipt once they have signed in or registered to vote. They give the receipt to the next election judge to get a ballot. The election judge can answer any questions about how to mark the ballot.
  • The election judge will direct the voter to a private booth to vote.

Fill out the Ballot

  • Voters should fill in the ovals on the ballot, and stay within the lines as neatly as possible.
  • The instructions on the ballot will indicate how many candidates to choose for each office. Usually, it is only one candidate for each office. Voters do not need to cast a vote for each office or question on the ballot—the rest of the ballot will still count.
  • Voters can take as much time as needed. If a voter makes a mistake on the ballot, they can ask for a new one.

Cast a Ballot

  • Voters insert their ballot into the ballot machine. If the machine finds an error, voters can fix the mistake. The machine counts votes and adds them up at the end of the day.
  • Most polling place use the ES&S M100 or the Premier Accu-Vote ballot machine.
Last updated: 4/4/2014 11:40:44 AM