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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

5 Most Likely Reasons for Rejection:

  1. Lack of Fees
    There is a charge of $20 for each filing or debtor name searched, including terminations.  
    Solution: Send a fee with all filings. Excess fees will be refunded upon request.

  2. Illegible or Filing Officer Unable to Decipher
    Usually related to handwritten documents or those with a hard to read font. The document is scanned in and the data entry operator indexes from the scanned image. 
    Solution: Write clearly or change the font used to Arial or Helvetica. 

  3. UCC 1 – Debtor names are listed in fields A (organization) and B (individual).
    Filing office is unable to determine if the debtor information is for an organization or an individual. 
    Solution: If there is more than one debtor they must be listed separately. For example, if there are 3 debtors use area 1 for the first, 2 for the second and the addendum for the third.

  4. UCC 3 – Initial Financing Statement File Number in box 1a is wrong, a lapsed filing.
    Reasons most seen are a typo in the filing number or the filing number given is for an amendment and not the original.
    Solution:  Access the Secretary of State website to look up the filing number.

  5. UCC 3 – Two actions are checked and only 1 fee is submitted. 
    Termination: Do not check box 8 (it is exclusively for an amendment). 
    Assignment and Change Secured Party: Do not check both unless you are requesting two changes. 
    If only one fee was submitted: The filing office will index the first action checked on the form and reject for the second action checked. 
    Solution: Check only the action type or types you want indexed in the UCC Information Management System. 

5 Most Common Mistakes Made (Filing is Accepted and Filed):

  1. Acronym is included in the debtor name. 
    Precedes the debtor name, as in “DBA The Partnership Company”. The filing office will enter it exactly as presented and it will be indexed under “D”. Consequently, if a search is requested on The Partnership Company this filing will NOT be reported. 
    Example: Presented between the Individual name and the organization, as in John Smith DBA Smith Farms. The filing office will enter it exactly as presented and it will be indexed under “J”. If a search is requested on John Smith as an individual this filing will NOT be reported.

  2. The middle name or suffix is presented in the wrong fields. 
    There are specific fields for the middle name and the suffix and it should not be presented on the filing in the last or first name fields. For example, the last name fields contains “Smith Jr.” and the first name filed has “John”. The filing office will enter it exactly as presented and index the last name as “Smith Jr.”. If a search was requested on John Smith as an individual this filing will NOT be reported.

  3. The document states, “See attached” or something similar, and no attachments are sent.

  4. The searcher sends in a UCC 11 information request for an inquiry and expect both husband and wife information for one fee. 
    To receive a search result on both the husband and wife, two fees are required ($20 each).

  5. The filer sends in a previous acknowledgment copy and writes additional information on it instead of using a UCC-3 amendment form. 
    The filing office will enter it as a new UCC-1 filing.

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    Last updated: 4/21/2014 9:16:03 AM