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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

After every State General Election, Minnesota counties perform a Post-Election Review of election results returned by the optical scan ballot counters used in the state. For 2014, the review is mandated for the election for Governor & Lieutenant Governor, US Senator, and US Representative. The review is a hand count of the ballots for each eligible election in the selected precincts compared with the results from the voting system used in those precincts.

Precinct Selection
At the canvass of the state primary, the county canvassing board (the board that certifies federal, state and county election results in that county) in each county must set the date, time, and place for the post-election review of the general election. At the canvass of the state general election, the county canvassing boards must randomly select the precincts to be reviewed. For a county with fewer than 50,000 registered voters, the county canvassing board must conduct a postelection review of a total of at least 2 precincts. The county canvassing board of a county with between 50,000 and 100,000 registered voters must conduct a review of a total of at least 3 precincts. The county canvassing board of a county with more than 100,000 registered voters must conduct a review of a total of at least 4 precincts, or three percent of the total number of precincts in the county, whichever is greater. At least one precinct selected in each county must have had more than 150 votes cast at the general election.

The county auditor must notify the Secretary of State of the precincts chosen for review, along with the time and place the review will be conducted as soon as the decisions are made.

Post-Election Review Results
Post-Election Review Results Report contains detailed results for all precincts that were scheduled to hold reviews. It provides a summary of the net changes in the results for candidates in the precincts that were reviewed.  This report will be available following the State Canvassing Board meeting on November 25th.

Post-Election Performance Review
The secretary of state must monitor and evaluate election procedures in precincts subject to the audit provided for in M.S. 206.89 in at least four precincts in each congressional district. The precincts must be chosen by lot by the State Canvassing Board at its meeting to canvass the state general election. (M.S. 206.895)

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