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Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

In honor of Sgt Robert Points, US Army - Serving in Iraq (second deployment)
(Submitted October 3, 2008 by Edie & Dennis Points)

Our son, Robert Points, is now serving his second deployment in Iraq.  We have observed him going through the grief of losing fellow soldiers to death, and bear up to the burden of others being injured - some seriously.  He joined the military at age 18 and to this day (he will turn 25 in '09) does not regret his choice.  Rob believes in what he is doing, engaging terrorists in the Mideast so that we can live our life in the way we are accustomed to here in America. 

We are very proud of our son, he is doing a job that the majority of people would never do.  He maintains his pride in his country and belief system even under the most severe mental and physical duress and always does the best he can under that situation.  Each time we hear the National Anthem or see the Flag flying it reminds us of the sacrifice our dear son has made and is still making to help keep America free.  So that any American that feels the need can protest the war, speak out against the President, have freedom of religion, bad mouth the military, or voice their opinions without the fear of reprisal.

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